Pregnant with a Nephrostomy Tube & Kidney Stones {Part One}

As time has gotten closer to baby #4 joining us, I have been busy nesting and doing lots to get ready around the house.  Well, I had been busy.

Before I landed in the hospital last Tuesday with intense pain that ended up with a nephrostomy tube coming out of my left kidney and side, draining my urine into a bag and hopefully being able to pass the kidney stones I have and relieve the pain.

That’s the short version.  Crazy, right?!!

I’ll be a bit quick on the long version and then give you an update on how things are going and where we go from here.

Tuesday, October 30th, I had been really uncomfortable.  I figured it was because I was nearing 30 weeks and getting into that super uncomfy stage that lasts the rest of the pregnancy.  Tuesdays are Bryan’s long day at work and he wouldn’t be home until 9pm the earliest.

The uncomfiness grew as the day wore on so I sent the littlest to bed by 6pm and got into my bed with the other two to watch a movie and rest.  I kept getting up to go the bathroom because I felt like I needed to have a bowel movement but I just sat and sat and grew more uncomfortable by the minute.  I figured maybe Jordan was in a bad spot.

Around 8pm I sent the older girls to bed and decided to take a warm bath, hoping that would alleviate the pressure I was feeling and get Jordan into a better position.  It ended up working (or so I thought) and I spent the next hour feeling really good.  I asked Bryan to pick me up some food since I had been unable to eat earlier.

While he was out getting food, I had the urge to go the bathroom again.  This time, as I sat on the toilet though, the pain really began to creep in.  I thought maybe I was constipated (something I have never been in my whole life) so I asked Bryan to also pick up something to help me, you know, go.

A few minutes later I called him in pain telling him that something was seriously wrong and he should get home now.  I called the birthing center and they called me back.  At this point I was really trying to breathe through the pain.  When asked what it felt like, all I could think of was one big contraction just on my left side, wrapping from my back around to my pelvic area.  And the pain wouldn’t stop.  At all.

I was actually sort of worried that maybe I just had really bad gas and would be embarassed if that’s all it was.  But once I actually started crying from the pain, I knew that it probably wasn’t gas and that something was wrong with Jordan.  The midwife told me to rush to the hospital so I called Bryan’s mother to come over and stay at the house.

When Bryan got home, we jumped in the car and made the 10 minute drive to the closest hospital.  Which felt like forever.  I cried, screamed and moaned the whole entire way.

Since I am no good at doing a quick long version, come back tomorrow to hear what happened next! :)

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2 Responses to Pregnant with a Nephrostomy Tube & Kidney Stones {Part One}

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh my goodness! This is horrible! I am on the brink of tears here, and you are making me wait until tomorrow to find out what happened lol. I hope you and your family is doing well now.

  2. Eli says:

    Wow that’s just crazy! I hope you are doing better now and had things under control at least. Will wait to read the rest of the story tomorrow. What a way to celebrate the day after your birthday :(

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