4-for-3 Amazon Deal & PreK Binder

My free educational resources from Amazon came in the mail yesterday.  I was very pleased with my purchases!  I highly suggest you head over to Amazon to search through their 4-for-3 promotional items.

I am in the process of making a binder full of preK resources to use with the girls.  So what I did with my Amazon freebies was first rip out all the pages from the workbooks and put them in sheet protectors.  This way they can be reused over and over by using a dry erase marker.

Then I took the flashcards and puzzle cards, separating them into these plastic sleeves below.


The flashcard set included shapes, colors, numbers, directions, matching objects, and rhyming words.  So I separated accordingly.  Then the puzzle cards I separated by each puzzle (which were in 3′s).  Therefore, when I want to work on a specific skill (like number 5 or review colors), I can pull out the cards needed without going through the whole stack. Easy and simple is my goal!


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2 Responses to 4-for-3 Amazon Deal & PreK Binder

  1. Jenny says:

    Great ideas! I did the 4 for 3 deal around Christmas. Followed your link on The Thrifty Mama.

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