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Using Muffin Tins to Spark Interest During Meal Time

Our girls are somewhat picky eaters.  I wouldn’t call them horrible eaters.  They do love olives and bananas.  A lot.  But they do tend to eat most of what I put in front of them. However, we do have days … Continue reading

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Pick Your Own Produce

Finding local, pesticide-free produce is a great way to make the switch to a whole foods diet.  Living in a very busy, crowded area I didn’t think it was possible to find this kind of produce near me.  Then I … Continue reading

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FREE Lose It! App

I am in the midst of trying to lose all of the baby weight I have put on with three so close together. But it doesn’t come naturally to me.  Before kids, I never really struggled with my weight and … Continue reading

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Just For Mom: Pamper Those Tired Feet!

These are my feet before I had kids! If your feet are anything like mine, then you need some serious tips on how to beautify them again!  Since I’ve become a mom of three little ones, any pampering for myself … Continue reading

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Just For Mom: Finding Time To Exercise

Photo Source Being full-time moms, we tend to lose focus on ourselves most days.  One area that gets hit hardest is exercise.  At least I know for me, this is all together too very true!  However, I need my exercise … Continue reading

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