Cheap 4th of July Flags & Decorating Ideas

We have an Ace Hardware down the road from our house and I am starting to really love that place!  We don’t get their fliers every week in the mail but when we do, I love seeing what kind of deals they have.

This one is a fantastic deal for 4th of July.  Yes, a bit aways but I am always on the lookout for great deals for the holidays… always.  ;)

Through May 22nd, you can score a 4″ x 6″ hand flag for just $0.25!!! These little flags are perfect for decorating the yard, party decorations, and a huge hit with kids.  Just look at these great ideas I found…

Better Homes & Gardens
Better Homes & Gardens
Gift Decorating
Kelli’s House
House Decorating Contest Winner
Social Couture
Flag Tag Relay – Family Fun


All these great ideas totally get me in the mood for Fourth of July!  Definitely headed out to Ace Hardware soon… if I don’t have a baby, that is!  (Still waiting, yes!  :) )

Go here to find an Ace Hardware near you!

*My ad advertised this special in a coupon form but does not say you need the coupon.  I would call ahead to verify with your Ace Hardware.
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2 Responses to Cheap 4th of July Flags & Decorating Ideas

  1. Jennifer says:

    Awe, I love those little flags! Whenever I see them out for the 4th I always wish I had thought ahead and snagged a few! Thanks for the idea….I’m gonna need to make a list.

    ?Idea? Does your blog let your readers create a to do list or a prioritize ideas list….you have some great suggestions and I can’t keep up LOL

    • Carolyn says:

      VERY good suggestion! I have seen something like what you are talking about on other sites but I will have to look into how to do it on mine. Thanks, Jen! :)

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