Children’s Books & Garage Sales

As you know, I love garage sales!  They are a great place to find things you use daily at home for next to nothing.  Also, they are a great place to score some cheap children’s books!  Most of our books have come from garage and rummage sales.  I usually pay around $0.25 per book and most times find them in great condition!  It is a great way to build your children’s library on a dime.

The Activity Mom (one of my favorite go-to sites for children’s activities!) compiled a great list of books to look for while at garage sales.  Being a teacher previously, I have some background knowledge on well-known authors and always try to look for those at garage sales.  However, my brain has been known to turn itself off, especially in the early morning.  ;)   So, having this list on hand is an incredible resource!  I suggest printing it off and stashing it in your planner or purse when you are out and about thrifting.  :)

What are some of your favorite authors you look for at garage sales?

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2 Responses to Children’s Books & Garage Sales

  1. Thanks for linking up! I love finding books at garage sales. Can’t wait to see what others recommend!

    • Carolyn says:

      I always tell myself I don’t need anymore children’s books but then I realized that you really never can have too many, especially for great books at a great price! Now I just need an entire room in our house to make a library. :)

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