Dealing with Anxiety During Pregnancy

For those of you who don’t know, I am in my third trimester of my third pregnancy.  I have 6 weeks left to go.  And I am exhausted.  I mean, I should be, right?  I have two toddlers to run after all day!

So, I know it’s only normal to have some level of anxiety right now.

But everytime I am pregnant, I get really bad anxiety attacks.  Out of the blue.  For no reason.  And lately, they have been super bad.

After talking with my doctor, I guess it’s pretty normal for pregnant women.  They can prescribe some kind of medicine, but I’m not all for that.

But I would like to find something that worked!  So, I came up with a few ideas and so far, they have seemed to help a bit.

Deep slow breaths

Inhale through the nose.  Hold for a second or two.  Then exhale through the mouth.  These really help me out a lot.  And when I am breathing, I try to focus just on breathing.  Nothing else.  Which leads me to…

Change your scenery

Usually, this is not possible for me.  Since I have kids and all.  :)   But I do try to take a moment to sit down.  Then I close my eyes and focus on breathing.  And imagine I am somewhere calm and quiet.  Sounds nutty, I know.  But it really helps!


I’ve heard amazing things about prenatal yoga.  But I’ve never tried it.  I really should because doing stretching exercises really help to soothe my anxiety.  For some examples on pregnancy stretching exercises, check out this Baby Center article.

Reduce caffeine and sugar intake

Normally a lot of caffeine and sugar really isn’t good for your baby during pregnancy anyways.  But I’ve noticed that my anxiety spikes when I’ve had too much of these two.  And it’s hard… because I love my chocolate!

Rest and sleep… a lot!

Another time I notice my anxiety spike is when I haven’t had enough sleep.  Finding time to rest and making yourself go to bed at a decent hour can be difficult.  But really, make yourself do it!  The extra rest and sleep will definitely pay off and help reduce those high levels of anxiety.

It is super important that we try all we can to reduce anxiety during pregnancy.

One, it’s not too good for baby.  Anxiety makes your blood pressure rise and we all know high b.p. is not good, especially when pregnant.

Two, that anxious feeling is just not fun!  It’s tough to focus on anything else when you feel like your chest is going to explode.

So, make sure to take care of yourself and get a handle on your anxiety.

I’d love to hear how you handle those anxiety attacks, so please share in the comments section!

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