Dealing with Hitting & Anger in Children

I saw this article over at Simple Mom on 6 Peaceful Solutions for Hitting and Anger. And boy, was I wowed by it.  She shares simple and positive ways to solve anger and hitting in the home.

While the girls really do get along very well, they do have their angry and hitting moments.  And as a parent, my natural reaction is to yell at them to stop. However, these 6 solutions below are a better and more positive way to deal with these issues.

1.  Hand Claps – Teach your child to do something with his hands other than hitting.  These claps should also make you aware that there is an issue at hand.

2.  Angry Art – Giving your child a positive way to express his anger is a great way to calm the situation and divert attention elsewhere.  Perhaps provide a notebook with crayons just for this purpose.

3.  Self-regulation Games – This means playing games with your child that teach how to turn off and on certain behaviors.  Like Red Light, Green Light.  Simon Says.

4.  Safe Place - Having a quiet place your child can retreat to when dealing with anger is one way to let your child work through his emotions without feeling the need for hitting or huge meltdowns.

5.  Time In – This is one thing I really love that she suggests but my hubby would probably disagree with.  And that’s instead of sending your child away from everyone in time out, your child spends time with an adult calming down and trying to work through the issue.

6.  Modeling – You know what this means.  Monkey see, monkey do.  Simple as that.  If we expect our children to deal with their emotions in a positive way, then we must do the same and lead them by example.

Read more into how to deal with hitting and anger over at a Simple Mom.

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