DIY Double Hang Closet Rod

This closet is a work-horse, for sure!  It houses almost all three girls’ clothes, blankets, bed sheets and more.  Since my girls are still itty-bitty (2.5, 1.5 and 3rd one is due any day), I decided it would be necessary to find a double-hang closet rod to maximize my closet space.

Well, have you tried to find those things?  They are hard to come by and are a little too pricey for this cheap momma!  So I decided to try and make my own.

I stopped into JoAnn’s to get a long, thick dowel. I found mine in the aisle with all the wooden letters.  Then I found some thick and strong gift ribbon at home.

All I did was double knot the ribbon to the shelf of the girls’ closet.  Then sort of eyeballed the height the dowel needed to be at, double knotting the other end of the ribbon to the end of the dowel.  I did the same thing with the other side, making sure the dowel was level.  And viola, instant double hung closet rod!

(Sorry the purple bag is in the way of the ribbon.  But you can see it is knotted at the top and then knotted tightly at the end of the dowel.  This is the same on the left side.)

I haven’t had any issues with it falling or getting loose at all.  Now, there are only toddler clothes on it.  I’m not sure if this would hold for adult clothes, especially if it was full.  But this is what is working for me at the moment!

And if you want to know how the closet is organized, here is a detailed picture for you!


We also have a hanging sweater shelf with baskets in it on the very inside right of the closet that you can’t see.  These baskets house tights, baby bloomers, baby hats, undies, and blank small albums.

Then we also have a dresser in the room with all the changing table necessities on top and the girls’ shirts, shorts, and pants  in the drawers.  Next to that is a small 3 drawer cart that holds their cloth diapers.

I should just take pictures of the girls’ room and then do a post on organizing a room for 3 girls under 3!  ;)

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2 Responses to DIY Double Hang Closet Rod

  1. Rebecca Lisiewski says:

    Yes, please post more organization ideas! I love this! I, on the other hand, MUST work on my organization skills. My excuse is that we are moving at the end of July and what works in one room may not work in another so I don’t want to invest too much time and money- just yet! But, I love the ideas, and will be using them come July when Gavin finally gets a nursery! (Right now our second bedroom is still a guest room since we have had so many visitors).

  2. Carolyn says:

    Oh gosh, this is ME working on MY organizational skills! lol. It has taken me forever to finally get to a good point in organizing. I feel like I finally have a feel for my house and space and how to organize it best. And yes, good idea on waiting till you move. Wish I could be up there to help you! I will definitely keep the organization posts coming because it gives me accountability to keep organizing! ;)

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