Dollar Tree Educational Finds

Oh, how I love the Dollar Tree!!! Hubby has off Sundays and Mondays, so while we were out and about today…

I spied a new Dollar Tree by my house that must have popped up over night!  I couldn’t wait to check it out.  While the girls were napping, I decided to pamper myself and do a little fun shopping… all by myself!

But I knew I needed to have a purpose for shopping.  Or else I would spend way too much money!  Those dollar items add up quick!

I saw this idea for activity boxes over at Playing House and knew these would be perfect gifts for the girls when Hayleigh comes soon!  I decided to look for things at the Dollar Tree that would be educational and fun to put into the boxes.  So, off I went to my new Dollar Tree with a list in hand!

Oh my goodness, was this new Dollar Tree gorgeous!  Huge and organized and tidy!!!  I was in love!  And I found so much that my other Dollar Trees didn’t carry, like…

this awesome foam clock (the pieces punch out), 3 pack of educational cards (flashcards and matching puzzle cards), and foam letters WITH magnetic backing!  I didn’t know the foam letters were magnetic but was excited to find that out when I opened them up!

We have the plastic magnetic letters but to be honest, the ones we have are super cheap and the small magnets on the back are always falling out.  (A huge choking hazzard!)  So I was excited to find these wooden magnetic letters and numbers for only $1!!!

I’ve seen some links around the preschool websites and have wanted to buy them.  When I saw these super cute links above at the Dollar Tree, I about squealed for joy!  I knew the girls would love them!  And that the links would lend themselves well to many learning activities – sorting by shape and color, to name just one.

We don’t have a lot of cars and trucks around our house of girls here.  So I was very excited to find these 2pk of rubber cars and trucks for the girls.  I want one of the activity boxes to be transportation themed since I think the girls will really enjoy that.  So I also picked up these transportation themed foam stickers to stick in the box as well.

It was so hard for me not to buy more while at the Dollar Tree today!  But I definitely did accomplish my task of finding some great things to put into the girls activity boxes when baby #3 comes.  (Any day now!!!)

Don’t forget to come by later in the week and see the activity boxes I created with these great Dollar Tree finds!

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2 Responses to Dollar Tree Educational Finds

  1. Stephanie says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my post!! I am TOTALLY addicted to The Dollar Tree too!! They really do have some great learning stuff!! Can’t wait to see your completed activity boxes!! We love ours and use them all the time! They have been so helpful when I needed some time to spend with my son!! :)

    • Carolyn says:

      I’m almost finished with them and am so excited to share! The goal is to wait to give them to the girls once baby 3 gets here but I don’t know if I can wait! I know they will be a lifesaver once she is here, so thanks so much for the idea! I will link to you again in the post where I unveil the boxes. ;)

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