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I am in the midst of trying to lose all of the baby weight I have put on with three so close together. But it doesn’t come naturally to me.  Before kids, I never really struggled with my weight and really didn’t have to worry about what I ate.  I hardly exercised until I went through a rough period after college and became a serious runner.  I haven’t really been able to consistently get back into the running, which is making the weight-loss a bit hard!  Then add in the fact that I’ve never watched what I ate and it looks like I will never lose the baby weight!

So, I was pretty excited when I saw all these free exercise and nutrition training apps and downloads from Passionate Penny Pincher!  I decided to try out the Lose It! app on my iPad.  Today is my first day using it and I am loving it so far!  I have my goal plugged in and the number of calories I can consume each day.  Then I add in what I eat throughout the day and the Lose It! app does the rest.  I can see how many calories I have left and also plug in any exercise I do throughout the day.  I can also track my weight loss and see how close I am to my goal.  And the LoseIt! app is FREE!  Whoohoo!!  This is definitely working for me!  ;)

What’s YOUR favorite exercise and/or weight loss tool?

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2 Responses to FREE Lose It! App

  1. Laurie says:

    I just re-started using mine again today too . . . so glad I ran this morning so I can add a few extra calories today :)

    I also found another free app that I’m excited about called Run Keeper – I’ve heard it sometimes has glitches and doesn’t continue to track mileage correctly, but I used it this morning when I ran and it keeps how far you run/walk/hike, etc., how many calories you’ve burned, and your speed. Love it!

    • Carolyn says:

      I do loooove that you can exercise and it adds back in calories for you! It really is an incredible app! Thanks so much for sharing it! And I’m excited to try out the run keeper! :)

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