Garage Sale & Consignment Sale Haul

It’s the start of big time community and consignment sales here in the sunny state of Florida!  Last week, hubby and I were able to get out early and find some great things.  Hubby usually does the haggling and purchasing, so I am not 100 percent sure on all the prices.  Some of what we bought is to keep and some to resell at consignment sales and on ebay.  Here’s our haul.

2 bags full of children’s clothes ($4) *fill a bag for $2!!
I Spy Bottle ($1)
Busy Ball Popper ($1.75)
Disney Princess rocking horse ($3)
2 jump ropes, 3 bags of Disney figures, Euchre card game, 2 plushes ($4) *may seem a bit high but the Muppet figures & Halloween owl plush resell well on ebay
4 preschool educational puzzles (less than $1 each)

(2) 4T shorts, (2) 4T dresses, 3T dress ($8)
Little People swing toy & Elmo musical toy (less than $1 total)
Little Einsteins laptop ($1)
Little People car with person (less than $0.50 total)
*we pick up Little People stuff when it’s cheap to add to the big Little People items to resell at consignment sales
books from various sales (about $0.25 each)
Build-a-Bear igloo tent, stickers, & 8 Veggie Tales placemats ($2)
2 Thirty-One zippered large pouches ($4) *these were my “splurge”! ;)

And of course, books!  Which we got for about $0.10 a piece!  The puzzles were less than $1 each and hubby is hoping to resell a lot of them on ebay.

I mentioned that I was prepping to sell at a local consignment sale.  Since I was a consignor, I was able to shop early!  Here’s what I found.

4T dress ($3)
2pk Circo shorts 4T ($3)
4 large BumGenius cloth diapers with extra inserts ($20)
7pk medium covers & FuzziBunz pocket diapers ($5) *elastic is almost shot in most of these, but Cami & Hayleigh have such chunky thighs it doesn’t really make a difference. :)
Puzzle rack ($4) *We needed another one but I didn’t want to buy it off Amazon.  I saw this when we were dropping off our items.  So glad it was still there after the first volunteer presale!
2 Elmo DVDs & 1 Curious George DVD ($3 each)
Peg Stacker ($2) *I’ve been wanting this for the girls!!
Power Magnets ($2) *another great find!
Little Einsteins conductor wand ($2) *hubby got to resell on ebay

Any fun finds for YOU this week??

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7 Responses to Garage Sale & Consignment Sale Haul

  1. Ashley says:

    Awesome finds! I am hoping to find some diaper covers at the consignment sale this Friday. I just dropped off a lot of stuff today- whew, it is exhausting!

    • Carolyn says:

      We sold at two consignment sales and yes, it was very exhausting! I couldn’t imagine being pregnant and doing it!! Post what you find when you go! I loooove looking to see what deals other people got. :)

  2. Jessica says:

    Great finds! Still about another month before garage sale season starts going here in MI. I am going to be hitting up a Mom2Mom sale this weekend that I’m pretty excited about. Annabelle and Asa need clothes in a bad way! :) Nice find on the cloth diapers. We’re going to be cloth diapering with our new little one once he/she arrives in August. Kind of nervous/excited about it. It will save us a good amount of money though so that is good.

    • Carolyn says:

      Jessica, if I can do cloth diapers, YOU can do cloth diapers! Trust me! We do regular diapers at night, though, because I find that my girls need a bit of a breather from them and I can use bag balm on their tushies at night. However, I think I may try making my own balm that can be used with the cloth diapers. But I’ve tried using cloth at night and I couldn’t really find anything that would last them the whole night without leaking. Please post what you find at the consignment sale!! I miss seeing all the garage sale posts! I’ve been waiting for you all to start sale-ing again. :) Hope you are doing and feeling well!!

    • Mrs. Taffy says:

      I love cloth diapering!! I will never go back! It’s strangely satisfying and cloth diapering gives me the same feeling as preparing a good meal for my family, not sure why, but I highly recommend it! So excited for you and your new little one! :)

  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    I am just a little tiny bit jealous! I have such high hopes this year! One of these days we are going to make it down to your state (we have family there), I’m going to make sure that stopping at garage sales is on our list of things to do! Thanks for linking up! :)

    • Carolyn says:

      While I do love all the sales, it is a bit exhausting doing it year round! Finding a place for everything once it’s all at home is the hard part! But that’s why we sell at consignment sales, because I can get rid of almost everything. The girls only play with most things for a little while anyways. :) It’s a good way to rotate out our toys! And whoohoo for visiting down here!! That’s so funny you want to garage sale on vacation because my husband wanted to when we were on vacation! lol!! It is such a thrill and finding what we NEED on the cheap is sooo exciting and rewarding as a parent!! Can’t wait to see what you score this week!

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