Garage Sale Educational Finds!

I always tell myself “No more books!” before we hit garage sales, but today I just couldn’t resist.  We went to a really nice neighborhood community sale this morning.  And found some mommas selling some incredibly great books and learning tools at really good prices!

We plan on homeschooling, so I am trying to stock up on things we will use in the future.  Like atlases.  I found four different types for children at $0.50 a piece!  I also got some great picture books by authors like Tomie DePola and Eric Carle.  And a Shel Silverstein book for $0.50!  And yes, those are cassette tapes.  Hubby thinks I am crazy for buying those, but they are sing-a-longs for nursery rhymes and math skills… at $0.25/each!  Music is a very important part of education and believe me, I need all the help I can get in the music area.  ;)


I have been wanting to get those Dot Markers for awhile now but couldn’t pay full retail.  I found these barely used for $2, as well as a felt board with a bag full of felt pieces for $1.  Scored a cute spring 18 mo. outfit for Cami and the only shoes her wide, chubby feet can fit into for $1.  The doll is wooden with velcro on her body, so you can dress her with the bag full of felt outfits.  Super cute and fun, especially for $0.50!  Hubby found the USA foam floor puzzle… very exciting since Brylee is really getting into big floor puzzles.  He also found a screen printing DIY kit, which he has been wanting.  All in all, a very good garage sale day!

Have you found any great deals at garage sales lately?

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4 Responses to Garage Sale Educational Finds!

  1. Anna says:

    Wow, you got some great deals! There haven’t really been any garage sales yet where we live- it is still pretty cold, but hopefully in about a month or so we will start seeing some. I love garage sales! I am a huge sucker for books too. We have probably a couple hundred for our 4 year old, but most of them we got for super cheap used, and then we can hopefully sell them in our own yard sale when he is done with them. I hope I can find some great resources this year like you did- I am doing a lot of work at home with my son right now, though he will probably be going to public school when he turns 5. I definitely plan to always be teaching him at home as well as what he will be learning in school.

    • Carolyn says:

      Today was definitely a good day! Right now is garage sale season because it is such great weather here in Florida, especially for community sales. I love finding other moms that love garage sales as much as I do!! And ones that are suckers for children’s books, too! I always tell my husband that this is an investment in our children’s education and to also think of the money we can get back when reselling them later in life. (He thinks we have waaaayyy too many books! ;) ) That is awesome you are doing work with your son now and keep planning to in addition to school! I hope you can find some great tools to use with him, as well! Are you using anything specific right now, in terms of curriculum? I know 4 is young, but gosh they soak up things like crazy, don’t they?? Mine is only 2.5 now but I am trying to get an idea for preschool and love hearing what other moms are doing. :)

  2. That’s great!

    My children all have wide feet, and I have found a few wide shoes on ebay before for little tiny children. I try to buy school uniform shoes for my elementary-aged children because they can use them everyday as well as for church.

    What a great deal on the atlases! I have been needing some more detailed atlases (and some newer ones that don’t just list the USSR!) and they are not cheap! Get all of hte schoolbooks now that you can!

    I have a friend who goes garage sale shopping for me (her children are all grown and she loves looking for little items when she is out at sales anyway). I give her a list and she is FANTASTIC! She bought a beautiful wool dress coat for one of my daughters last year for $5. Most of the items she bought were .50 (clothes for my boys) and she got several handkerchiefs for my girls (they take them to church).

    • Carolyn says:

      There some older women at some of the same garage sales and they had their lists that their daughters had given them. hehe. It’s such a great idea! And I agree with you on snatching up school books now. I felt kind of silly getting them since we won’t use them for a couple years at least. But they were such a great price and in great condition!

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