Garage Sale Finds 6/25/11

Hubby was out of town this past weekend, so my two sisters stayed over with me.  The girl time was so much fun!  And what made it even better was spending Saturday morning going to garage sales with them!  Here’s what I was able to find for just $19

Starting from the bottom left.  I got these three baskets for $5, a steal for baskets in great condition!  The kid’s broom, dust pan, Fisher Price mailbox, pink and green kid’s lunchbox (with brand new wipe off bib inside), and wooden activity box were found all at the same sale.  And guess how much I paid for all of it?  SEVEN DOLLARS!  Here’s a better look at everything on top of the table…

Two of the books, the Melissa & Doug shape sorter, and Osh Kosh “Get Dressed” fabric book were all bought at another sale for just $4!  The large purple book is a Precious Moments story Bible that was at another sale, where I also got a whole bunch of hanging folders and file folders, all together for $3.

Everything was in great condition, some things even looking brand new!  The Fisher Price mailbox was something I have been wanting to get the girls for awhile now, so I was excited to find it for so cheap.  I am thinking of putting together a writing center for the girls and I think this will make a great addition!  :)

To see what great deals others scored around the web, check out My Life on Taffy Pull!

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6 Responses to Garage Sale Finds 6/25/11

  1. Norma Coppley says:

    Great finds. I especially like the mailbox.

    • Carolyn says:

      I LOVE the mailbox and so do the girls! I’ve been wanting it for awhile now but big toys like these can still be pricey at sales or not in very good condition. This one was in great condition and only $2!!!

  2. Oh my goodness….such good finds for only $19!! I love those baskets. We can ALWAYS use more baskets here it seems! :) We have that shape sorter and my little guy really likes it.

    And yeah for girl time!! :)

    • Carolyn says:

      I know, I was really excited! Especially because all I had was $20, which is a good amount of money. But it sure can go quickly! So I was pretty happy with all I got for that much. And I had $1 to spare, which was spent on a Slurpee I shared with the girls. ;) I am going to try to start sale-ing every week, hopefully by myself, if I can get a sitter for a couple hours. I really need to get some clothes for me, the hubby, and for our oldest girl. You are always getting great deals on clothes!!

  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    Fantastic finds! I love the mailbox…we had that years ago, it was one of my favorites! Thanks for linking up!

  4. Janet says:

    Great finds! Such cute stuff.

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