Garage Sale Finds 7/30

We normally don’t do a lot of garage sale-ing because of hubby’s odd schedule.  However, Saturday he had off from work and Memaw and Papa took the older girls for the day.  So, I mapped out our route the night before and off we went early Saturday morning.  And boy, was it a fantastic day!

Probably the best find of the day was this Step 2 Doorway Playhouse above that we got for just $3!  Brylee is already loving playing with it.  We will probably leave it up for a bit and then store it in the garage once the girls grow tired of it.  Then one day later bring it out again for some new found play!  ;)

By the time we got to the sale selling this Elmo table and chairs, our van was packed so we had to take the legs off to make it fit.  I was going to pass this deal up because it had a sticker pricing it at $12.  However, Hubby really wanted to get it and talked the guy down to $8 including six 3-ring view binders!

I’ve been wanting to get the girls some more girly dress-up outfits, so I was excited to find these at a couple different sales.  The green Tinkerbell outfit was included in a pile of stuff we got from one sale, all for $6.  The bumblebee costume was $3 and looks brand new.  (Cami will make the cutest bumblebee ever this year for Halloween!)  And the yellow dressy outfit was $0.50.  Underneath on the left is a NoJo sling we got for $0.50.

This is a modge podge of different things from different sales.  The red basket, Safety 1st outlet covers, Tinkerbell night light, Finding Nemo switchplate cover, and foam geometric shapes were part of the $6 sale including the Tinkerbell outfit above and the magnetic word tiles below.  (Quite a deal!)

The Wall-E DVD was $2 from one sale and the Hostess Twinkie holder and Toy Story parachute guys $0.50 from another.  (Hubby just had to have them!)  The Tic-Tac Toe game has removable pieces and was $0.25.

Everything else was from a sale where we got a ton of books and a like new bassinet for $30.  The thing in the red basket is a doll seat that attaches to a table.  Combined with the doll potty, these will make a cute gift for Cami for Christmas.  The Halloween/Fall items were all brand new and will make for great decorating and tot school use.  And yes, that is a RedBox DVD that was being sold as well.  Hubby’s pick.  Random.

I found those magnetic word tiles buried at the bottom of a huge box.  They are High Frequency Word Tiles from Scholastic and were part of that $6 sale.  These alone retail for over $30!  The binders were $0.25 a piece and part of the $8 sale including the Elmo table and chairs.  The Safetyville game and Bible Bingo were $0.50 each, as were all the books and brand new U.S. puzzle.  Everything is in excellent condition!

This is the book lot that we got for $30 including the bassinet below and all the random items in the other picture above.  The bassinet was priced at $20, so we basically got all these books and other items for $10!  The books are in amazing condition and will be saved for birthday and Christmas gifts.

This is the bassinet that was $20.  It is Kolcraft and in like-new condition.  We bought it for my sister who is expecting in October.  If she doesn’t like it (she’s a bit picky about her style ;) ), then we will give it to my sister-in-law who is expecting in February!

The big black item on the left is a car seat winter cover for my sister who will be traveling up north for Christmas and will definitely need for her little one!  It’s never been used and was just $0.50!   The sandals were a part of that $30 sale with the bassinet, books and random items.  Hubby picked all the beanie babies up at our last stop.  He haggled a little boy down from $0.50 each to $4 for the lot of 17.  LOL.  These will be a fun addition to our tot school and future preschool lessons!

It seemed like every sale we went to, only boy clothes were being sold!  I did mange to find a few things for the girls.  The Tangled t-shirt is a bit big for Brylee but can be used as a nightgown for now.  The yellow heart sleeper is 9 months and will be great for Hayleigh when it gets cooler.  The hoodie is a fleece zip jacket in 3T and the dress on the right is also 3T size, both perfect for Brylee now and later!  In the middle are all 24 months clothing for Cami – a tank top, adjustable waist pants, and long sleeve dress.  Everything was $0.25 a piece.

Hubby and I spent about $65 for everything, a pretty great deal considering everything we bought!  We don’t get to garage sale often, so I was excited to find things we needed as well as gifts for the girls and the baby-expecting people in our lives.   :)

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12 Responses to Garage Sale Finds 7/30

  1. Jessica says:

    Oh my goodness!!! I cannot believe the success you had today!! Good for you. :) Amazing that you found that Step 2 Playhouse for only $3….I’ve seen those go for $20 at some garage sales. Love the word tiles. You got so much in that $6 sale. Tons of books. You can tell from the picture that they are in excellent condition….what a great gift it’s going to make. That is a nice bassinet. We love our bassinet and I’m sure whoever receives that will love it too. Nice beanie baby stash. I love those beanies. I must say that I am slightly jealous of the little elephant, goose, and cardinal. Great finds. I’m so happy that you found so much stuff. :)

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks, Jessica!!! I was really excited as well. Sometimes garage sales day can be a bust. But since Hubby was with me and we only had the baby, I was really hoping it would be a good day. And it was! Hubby had such a great time that we are going to do some more garage sale-ing this Saturday since he has off again. He loves the deal hunting and haggling. lol. You know, you were the one who inspired me to put beanie babies on my list and start using with school stuff. :)

  2. Great finds, especially the house!

  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    Fantastic!! So happy that it was a successful garage sale day! Love the bassinet and costumes!

  4. Okay, you did AWESOME!! It’s official… I’m jealous!

  5. Wow!! I love all the books you found at the one sale! Great idea to save them for gifts. Love the Tinkerbell costume, too :) .

    • Carolyn says:

      I know!! That sale was amazing. It’s hard to find books in such excellent condition and then be able to group it all together and get an awesome deal made it even better! Oh and the Tinker costume made me very happy too. :)

  6. Heidi Wilson says:

    Firstly I am jealous that you get the chance to garage sale! Second – I think the deals you get are absolutely AMAZING! I don’t ever get to go to garage sales because we would have to drag the boys with us since we have no one to watch them. I have to watch out for clearance sales in the shops as our op-shops never seem to have good quality stuff either.

    I did get four packets of foam stickers (2 alphabet and 2 dinosaur) for 95c each so that was one deal this week. Then I was at the library for story hour today and they have a section where they sell books for $1 and on the bottom shelf of the bookshelf they had a HUGE stack of National Geographic magazines. I asked how much they wanted for them – at first the librarian said 25c each, but then he said I could have the whole stack (about three dozen I think) for $2! I was shocked so I gave him $4! We walked to the library and I only had my book bag with me so he let me take the ones I could carry and he is holding the others for me until I can go back and get them. Now I just need to pick your brain about the best way to use them! :-)

    • Carolyn says:

      Going to garage sales with children is REALLY difficult, so I understand! And I am such a lover of clearance shopping as well. It’s amazing the deals you can get on brand new items. :) And that’s a deal on foam stickers! You can never have too many, I say. :) And I LOVE National Geographic magazines. Wow, what an awesome find! I cut some up that my uncle sent me, laminated the pictures, and made a little flip book for the girls. It really helps with their vocabulary and plus they love the real-life pictures. I’m sure there are lots of other ideas out there. Hmm… I’m going to go look for some! I’ll let you know what I find!

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