Garage Sale {Recap!}

Even though it’s been quiet on here, we have still been busy hitting up the garage sales every Saturday.  Truthfully, though, if I even do go, I haven’t been able to last long.  My morning sickness is definitely worse in the car, so hubby usually has to take me home early.  But he has scored some great finds without me!

My favorite find this past month by far!!  This lovely rocking chair came complete with the cushions and no scratches, all for $2!!!  Not even kidding!!  We really needed a new rocker!

The same family that basically gave away their rocker was also selling this wooden puppet theater.  I’ve really been wanting one for the girls, and hubby couldn’t pass up the price, $2!  I am still trying to figure out where to put it, though.

These three Little People toys came complete with little people and furniture, all for $3!  Again, from the same family that sold us the rocking chair and puppet theater.  I think they were anxious to get rid of everything!

These are some random things we picked up while out.  The Summer Bridge Activity book was brand new for $1.50.  It’s grade 4, so I’ll be holding onto it for awhile.  At the same sale, I picked up the paint book for $0.50, the photo album for $0.25, addition push board for $0.25, wipe off phonics cards for $0.25, memory game for $0.50 and Jesus Loves Me bag for $0.25.  The fraction tiles were a huge score at $1 for the set!  Hubby grabbed the two Veggie Tales plushes for $0.50 together and the 3 piece serving bowl set for $1.  And oh the bag of Chuck-e-Cheese tokens and tickets were a random find by Hubby for $0.50.

I was excited to find some fun Christmas items to use with the girls this year.  I paid $5 total for the two silicone cake molds, 3 unopened treat bags, 2 unopened Christmas crafts, and all the Baby Einstein DVDs.  Hubby picked the rest up for me while I was at home resting – the two new fall cookie cutters for $1.50, a bag full of scented candles for $1, unopened tupperware set for $0.50, unopened sewing pattern cards $2, and an unopened bath playdough toy for $2 to go in the gift closet!

Here are some more random items. The clear container was $0.25 and the flower bulletin board $0.50, perfect for the girls’ room.  The tub full of beads and 2 unopened bags were $1.  The four pillowcases were $1 – two to make pillowcase dresses and two king size for our bed.  The cute shoes are for Brylee in a year or so and were $1.  The red toy airplane was only $0.25 and will go in my “boy” bin, if I ever have a boy!  Fingers crossed! ;)   The tights and little people car were $1 together.

Hubby came home with this basket and bag full of play kitchen food and items for only $2!  After the girls helped me wipe it all down, they had a blast playing with it!

And hubby grabbed this brand new Matthew West CD for $0.50!!!  I have been wanting this and he knew it.  I was so excited!  It is such a great CD!!

Any fun finds recently???


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5 Responses to Garage Sale {Recap!}

  1. Amanda says:

    Hey Carolynn, I wanted to have a mini garage sale and was wondering a good price for kids clothes 24 months and under? I’ve never bought clothes at a garage sale so I don’t know a good price. We also want to get rid of some other things, like a play pen, high chair, baby bath tub, and some shoes for a toddler. We want to get rid of it so I want to put them for a good price!

  2. Carolyn says:

    Hey, Amanda!! Prices for baby stuff definitely varies and really is based upon what you, the seller, are comfortable with. If your main concern is to make money, then you probably won’t be comfortable selling your items at a low price. However, if you really just want everything gone, then usually $0.25 per clothing item is a great price that sells easily. Or you could do “fill a bag” for a certain amount. But when I see clothes at $0.25, especially for the baby sizes, I am more likely to buy more. :) As for shoes, I think $1 a pair is good or even if they look new, I’ll pay $2 a pair. The bigger items you could always set a higher price and then negotiate down. Or as it gets later in the day, you could slash your prices. I think about 1/4 of what it retails for is a good asking price. So a $40 high chair could easily sell for $10, especially if in good condition. And if you really want it gone, then you could even go lower! Good luck!!

  3. Mrs. Taffy says:

    You have the best prices down there! What a great pile of stuff you found! LOVE the rocking chair especially, seriously, that was practically FREE!!

    I’m sorry you’ve been so sick this pregnancy…I hope you get some relief soon friend!

    Thanks for linking up Garage Sale Buddy!!

    • Carolyn says:

      I know!!! I really feel like people give away their stuff sometimes. But this was also a recap from the entire month. This past weekend (which I will post on Saturday.. a week behind, lol) wasn’t really good. Lots of high prices and not many sales. I actually appreciate the slow weekends because that means less stuff coming home. :)

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