Garage Sale Show & Tell {April 28th}

Yesterday all five of us were up bright and early, shopping the garage sales!  Here’s what we made out with…

I like to stock up on crafty items for the girls whenever I find them.  To buy this kind of stuff brand new is crazy pricey!  All the bags of stamps and benderoos were $1.  The foam letters and letter beads with bracelets were $0.50 each.  Hubby grabbed the Minnie hat for me to wear at Hayleigh’s birthday party this week for $1.  It looks brand new!

The frame is a piece of Christmas wall art I got for $0.50.  The basket on the far right looks brand new and was $1.  The baby toy in the basket was FREE!  And looks never used!  The puzzles and big dinosaur stencils were purchased together for $1.

Everything pictured above is from a church rummage sale, where we paid I believe $9 for everything. (Bryan also picked up a lot of things to resell that aren’t pictured included in the total.) The top has some crafty things – googly eyes, green sequins, scissors with interchangeable blades, stamps and wooden hearts to be painted.  In the bag are some foam bath toys, which was perfect timing because I just threw out our foam bath toys!  I always pick up bath toys when I see them!  The two HP inks were BRAND NEW, UNOPENED and are EXACTLY what our printer uses and the very next colors we needed!!  That would have cost us $60 to buy those at Staples.  Crazy!! I LOVE church rummage sales!!

On the right are a bunch of figurines and horses for pretend play with the girls.  I don’t see Veggie Tales items often, so we were excited to find this stuffed Larry plush.  And the purple wooden shelf will go perfect in the girls’ room!

We hit a really good house in a community sale that sold us all the clothes and puzzles above, along with a few items Bryan picked up (not pictured), for only $5!!!  The top picture has a white skirt and brown blouse in 3T, Gymboree rain jacket in 4T-5T, and the rest of the clothing and pajamas in size 5.

The second picture has all size 6 clothing, including a brand new OshKosh shirt with tag!  :)

We stopped at a park along the way that had some booths set up of people selling their stuff.  The sign language poster, unopened Eric Carle flashcards (going in gift closet), Georgia aquarium puzzle, and two unopened vinyl decals were $4.  I am going to let the girls put the decals on the insides of their bunk beds.  The two small pillow pets were $1 each, from another sale.

The top three items are random items Hubby picked up for me.  I love the wooden clock to be painted and the rain ball, which I think he paid $1 together.  I am going to resell the game because even though it’s wooden and looks cool, it’s ghosts and a cemetery. The Elmo DVD was $0.25, the cheapest I’ve ever seen a popular kid’s DVD!

All of the homeschool books were purchased at the church rummage sale for $0.50 each.  I saw them as we were leaving and just had to grab them!  I am loving the three Activity Packet books and know they will get lots of preschool use! (Below is a description of what they are.)  The Alphabet Starters teacher guide will be a nice addition to our preschool activities.  Explode the Code and Self-Check multiplication boards will be put away for future homeschool use!

Below Hubby grabbed the art lap desk for $2 (which I have been looking for another one!) and the Richard Scarry big book for $1. I love Richard Scarry and I love big books! :)

Below is the mass chaos that erupted in my house when Hubby got home from work late Saturday night.  I guess he stopped off at a garage sale on his way to work at 2pm and scored five huge boxes of clothes and toys for $5 together!  Isn’t that just crazy talk??!  We went through it all together and separated everything into piles – donate, resell at consignment, for the girls, for me and Bryan, for family. I am excited to be passing along our great finds to family!  Phenomenal score, Hubby!

This is my very favorite find of the week below.  Perhaps of the year!  It’s a library book display that turns!  I spent many summers growing up at the library down the road, twirling very similar book displays, stocking up on my Sweet Valley High books to read.  It was a very nostalgic find for me and I am so happy Hubby let me purchase it for $5!  Even though he thinks it’s ugly, I know it will make a great addition to our playroom!  (Which it’s standing in front of but Hayleigh was asleep in there!)  My easy readers fit perfectly in the slots and one day will be replaced with chapter books!

This coming Saturday is a huge community garage sale in a very nice neighborhood.  We go twice a year and make a huge event of it!  This time will be a bit different, as hubby and I are splitting up and competing to see who gets the best buys!  We are such nerds, I know! :)

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  1. Mrs Taffy says:

    You two are an awesome pair! So impressed! Good job you two! Have fun next week. Can’t wait to see what you find!

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