Garage Sale Show and Tell {June 23}

The summer has been quiet around here for yard sales so far.  Florida gets so hot and muggy, that it makes for a lull in yard sales June through the end of August.  Quite the opposite for all you Northerners, huh? ;)

Hubby found this monitor for our computer for $20 today.  It’s a Dell LCD 19″ flat screen monitor.  (Hubby told me to say all that because I guess it’s a really nice screen!)  Well this made me very happy because our old monitor was missing the cord that hooked up to the modem and I have been bugging him to buy one.  Brylee has already spent the day playing all her preschool games I’ve been collecting from garage sales!

After school lets out, I always scour the garage sale ads for teaching supplies.  I was excited to find one this morning with some great prices! I got everything in the two pictures below for $14!

Above, there are four sets of overhead projector math manipulatives – fraction tile bars, fraction circle pieces, tangram set, and a spinner set.  So excited about these!!  The VHS pack is an educational preschool set focusing on nursery rhymes, letter and number recognition as well as phonics.  The bowel and plate are vintage Carebear and hubby wanted to pick it up for Cambria, our Carebear lover.  And I am now the proud owner of a Judy clock! :)

The books are a collection of never used primary phonics workbooks, activities to use with the newspaper, and an entire book of early reader minibooks that can be copied.  Not pictured that was included in the $14 was a huge lot of bubble mailers for Hubby’s ebay selling.

The DK Bible Story Book and Christian composition journal were $1 together.  Little Einsteins DVD was $2 from the flea market earlier in the week.  And then Hubby picked up the last three items for me – more candle tarts for $1, Max Lucado hardcover for less than $1, and new ABC marine coloring book for $0.25.

Everything in the three pictures below was from a sale last weekend, where we got everything for $10!

Pink bumbo, cute Fisher Price animal train and an adorable boys outfit in 6 or 9 months.  Saving the outfit in case I have a boy.  Fingers crossed! :)

Another cute boy outfit, brand new with tag in 6-9 months, baby popper toy and two lined baskets for Easter next year.

And this cute baby bath was included in the $10!  I don’t think I can fit 4 little ones in our tub, so I thought this one might come in handy until baby #4 can hold his or her own in the tub with the girls!

And last, but not least, a collection from last weekend.  All three books were $2.  Brylee really loves the I Spy books and I love sitting down and doing them with her!  The 12 month dress, 18 month long sleeve shirt, size 3 sandals are all for Hayleigh.  They came from the same sale along with the unopened Baby Genius DVD.  Hubby got all this basically free because he wanted a couple of new-in-the-box toys, which were priced at $25 together.  However, Hubby talked her down to $14 for the two toys together and then she threw in my stuff with it.  Which I was glad because the clothes were $1 each and the shoes $2.  Definitely a bit higher than I like to pay but these items were on my list for Hayleigh.  Love my haggling Hubby! :)

Find anything fun this week?  Share with us!


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4 Responses to Garage Sale Show and Tell {June 23}

  1. Mrs. Taffy says:

    Nice! Nice! Nice! I hope you get the blessing of a little boy! Boy’s really love their Momma! Girls are wonderful too obviously, but I think little boy’s sometimes get a bad wrap. They are busy, but they are SO lovable!! :) Blessings my friend!

    • Carolyn says:

      I am hoping for a little boy, too. But of course, I will be happy with another little girl. Either way it’s going to be Jordan Christopher or Jordyn Marie. And I am really loving the name Jordyn Marie. Also, if we have a boy, then we have a bit of building and remodeling to do to make a little boy room. But either way, I am excited! Thanks for stopping by, friend! :)

  2. Dory says:

    Nice treasures! We love Judy the Clock! Those baskets are darling and will be a great display! Thanks for sharing!

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