Getting Ready for Baby: The Hospital Bag

Since this is my third baby, you would think I would already know what to pack for the hospital, right?  Well, not really.

Since packing my hospital bag is on my list of to-do’s for the month of April, I decided to go ahead and get it done last week.  I started adding in the basics… undies, socks, nursing bras, comfy nursing pj’s.  But then got stumped.  Must be the pregnancy brain.  ;)

That’s why I was excited to stumble upon Beautiful Calling’s article, Packing a Hospital Bag for Labor.  It was super detailed and helped to jump start my own list.  Most of my list matches hers with a few additions.  Here it is:

For Mommy

  • chapstick
  • bathing suit skirt and black bra (attempting a water birth!)
  • lightweight robe
  • slippers
  • hair elastics
  • pillows
  • camera and battery charger
  • hubby’s swim trunks (even though he said he’s not getting in… we will see ;) )
  • power bars and snacks
  • cell phone, charger, and list of #’s to call
  • nursing pajamas
  • nursing bras and pads
  • socks and panties
  • super pads (Poise pads worked fantastic last time)
  • toiletries
  • going home outfit
  • book/magazines
  • Driver’s license, insurance card
  • hospital paperwork
  • Pediatrician’s card with number
  • gifts for girls (activity boxes)

For Baby

  • diapers & wipes (those hospital towels for baby’s bottom are no fun!)
  • Boppy with extra cover
  • blanket
  • cap, mittens, socks
  • gowns
  • going home outfit

I think that’s all of it.  What do you think?  Did I miss something?

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2 Responses to Getting Ready for Baby: The Hospital Bag

  1. Of course I had to come and read your list to see what I missed :)
    I wish my hospital bags looked as glamorous as the photo! LOL. Mine is a Swiss Army black duffle. I did actually plan to add my photo to the post….maybe I’ll tie a bow on it first though :)

    All the best!

    • Carolyn says:

      Lol I know about the bags. Mine definitely aren’t Coach. :) Thanks again for posting your list! I’ve been reading your blog everyday to see how you are preparing for baby since we are due so close. :)

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