How We Organize Our Many Learning Materials {Part 1}

This week I am going into full detail with our homeschool and playroom organization.  You got a quick overview of everything and yesterday we toured our playroom in detail.  Minus the closet.  The “Mommy Only” closet. :)

This set of pictures are from inside the “mommy only” storage closet in our playroom.  This area houses most of our educational and skill focused materials.  The girls know to ask first if they want anything from inside this closet.  And because of the curtains and bed, the little one pretty much stays out of here.


All organizing bins, drawers and baskets were found at garage sales, purchased at the Dollar Tree or borrowed from another part of the house.  I explained my reasons behind using the hangers and clothespins a while back.  It definitely helps to utilize that empty space under the wall shelves and above the drawers!


My goal for organizing is to keep it simple and easy.  And hopefully do it in a cheap, frugal way!  I reuse a lot of items from around the house but try keep the look streamlined and not so cluttered.   Because all this stuff can very easily become very cluttered looking and overwhelming!


It took me awhile to figure it all out, but everything has it’s place.  I know where things are now, which means it is all getting used and not lost somewhere collecting dust.


I bought a hanging handbag organizer similar to this one a long time ago at Marshall’s I believe.  It has moved from closet to closet waiting to be used for something.  I don’t have many purses, so using it for it’s intended use would have been a waste.  Then I realized my 2 gallon ziploc bags from the Dollar Tree would fit perfect on here with a big book ring!  My plan is store our themed materials here.  Our space themed materials have already found their place.  Now I have to hunt down my other themed materials and get started filling. :)


I pick up a lot of small prepackaged, ready to go crafts from garage sales and on clearance at stores like Michaels, JoAnns, and Target.  The Christmas and Fall craft kits are stored with our holiday decor in the garage.  But I needed a place for all of the other extra craft kits.  I separated them by category as best I could and placed them in these shoe bins from the Dollar Tree.  It works great so far!  Our other learning materials, games and manipulatives are also stored here.


At one time, I hardly had any preschool games or floor puzzles.  And I remember thinking to myself that I needed to be on the lookout while at garage sales and consignment sales.  Well, oh my goodness, I sure have accumulated a lot since then!  It’s hard to resist quality condition educational games and puzzles with all the pieces for $1 or less!

Miscellaneous items like small foam lacing shape beads and Bendaroos are housed in Dollar Tree baskets hanging in a sweater organizer.  These aren’t labeled yet and I am not sure if I will.  I switch around stuff often. :)

The right side of the top shelf holds this and that.  We have a lot of height space up there so I tried to use the same kind of bins so it all stacks well.  I store our activity boxes here and even have a few empty ones waiting to be filled!  My almost four year old absolutely loves to build with anything she can get her hands on.  So, I’ve been collecting toys like legos, zoobs and bristle blocks to keep her little hands busy.  There are a couple extra bins here too.  Extra craft materials and kits are stored all the way to the right.

 And that’s a very detailed tour of our “mommy only” storage closet in the playroom!  I am so thankful for this space.  Thankful to be blessed with these materials.  And thankful that God gave me many “aha!” lightbulb moments to organize it all! :)

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