Just For Mom: Cherish Your Children


I’ve really been struggling with cherishing my children.  Three under three has been a lot more difficult than I expected.  Especially with two as toddlers.

Frustration and impatience come a little too easy these days.  It seems like I never have enough time to keep up with the house, let alone enough time for me.  And let’s not even go into the power struggles and intense sibling squabbles.

I know our Just For Mom series has been focusing on taking time for you as a mom.  But I think I am going to add this tip as well to the series.  Because taking a step back from all the homemaking and taking time to really love on your children, is something that will revive and benefit you as well!

This article over at Raising Homemakers really convicted and inspired me today to forget about my mess of a house and rather focus on truly cherishing my children.  The first few sentences captured how I felt exactly this morning…

So many days, I get overwhelmed by the mundane trivialities of life. Another meal to serve, another page of math to check, another load of laundry to wash, another diaper to change, another fight to break up. Particularly for those of us with young children, days can run into each other and tasks can feel endless.

But then this mom goes into a heartbreaking story of why every moment matters when you are a mom.  And she ends with these words…

Each day is an opportunity to love them. To teach. To train. To set an example of following Jesus wholeheartedly. To share the Gospel. To pray with and for them. To kiss them. To enjoy them. A day to cherish and to use to the fullest.

Thank you, Stephanie, for sharing your wise words with us other weary moms.  Even though I didn’t know it, I desperately needed to hear this today!

I hope these words will continue to encourage other moms out there as well.

To stop amidst the busyness of life and scoop your child into a loving embrace.  And whisper “I love you.” 

To smile at their quirkiness, those things that sometimes bug you, and be thankful for this time with them. 

I promise that by taking time to delight in your child, you as a mother will also be lifted up.

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3 Responses to Just For Mom: Cherish Your Children

  1. Faith says:

    “To stop amidst the busyness of life and scoop your child into a loving embrace. And whisper “I love you.”

    To smile at their quirkiness, those things that sometimes bug you, and be thankful for this time with them. ”

    I couldn’t agree more! I know EXACTLY what you are going through. I have four children 5months old to 5 years old. It is definitely a struggle and a joy at the same time. God has been working on me with my patience, cherishing my children, and remembering to stop in the midst of messes to enjoy each precious moment with them. God’s been working on my heart ever since my first child was born and I have been growing in this. My brother was sick with a liver condition when he was younger. My mother rarely complained when we were playing and being loud simply because she said she’d rather hear us being noisy than not hearing that noise because my brother was sick in the hospital. Even while I have grown in maturity along the road of motherhood, I still have days where I need to take a step back and remember to cherish my children. For the most part, I do cherish my children; “stop and smell the roses” so to speak and remember they’re only little for a short while. However, today was one of those days I needed reminded to cherish my children. As I broke up fights, changed diapers, cleaned up mess upon mess, while trying to clean the house and pack for vacation (which starts tomorrow), I lost my patience. I became “The Mommy Monster” (as my husband refers to me when I get upset and lose my cool). So thank you for sharing this. I think I may just sneak upstairs and give my kids an extra hug and kiss! :-) God bless you!

  2. Eli says:

    Thank you for being so open and honest about this. There are times that I feel alone in my struggles to slow down and enjoy my children and I feel guilty for feeling that way. It is so comforting to know I am not alone and what I am feeling is completely normal. Even though my kids are older it is still a challange.

    As you may know one of my children is a little more difficult than the other – and I know that I was put in his life for a reason. I was put here to show him the unconditional love his real mother can’t show him. It is a very hard task to accomplish and I am ashamed at times for feeling that way. He can be very challenging most of the time. Thank you for the reminder to slow down. They grow so fast (trust me – my baby is 10 already) and I need to cherish the time I have with them a little more. It is not an easy thing to do but you have rejuventated my focus.

  3. Allison says:

    A friend of mine with 3 little ones just recommended the book “Loving the Little Years:Motherhood in the trenches”. I ordered and can’t wait to read it. Been feeling all the same stresses as you and so desire to enjoy my kids during this stage, but some time the stress of it all takes the forefront. I’ll let you know if the book is any good! :-)

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