Just For Mom: Finding Time To Exercise

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Being full-time moms, we tend to lose focus on ourselves most days.  One area that gets hit hardest is exercise.  At least I know for me, this is all together too very true!  However, I need my exercise time!  Without it, I am grumpy and frumpy-feeling.  Anyone else out there feel the same?!  Well, here are some easy and simple ways to squeeze in that essential workout time!

Exercise DVDs

This is a great way to squeeze in a quick workout at home.  I know it seems like we don’t have any extra time in the day, but in reality all you need is a good 20 minutes!  Try early mornings or late evenings or even nap times.  If the kids are extra rowdy, I’ll even do a workout while they are up and let them bounce along beside me!

There are even a plethora of workout videos to choose from!  Try garage sales, ebay, or Amazon.  If you have Netflix instant streaming, there are many workout videos available there!  When we had our cable box, I remember browsing through a good amount of free workout videos there as well.  Now, any one have any suggestions for great workout DVDs??!  ;)

Invest in Equipment at Home

This is another great way to squeeze in quick workouts at home.  We invested in a treadmill after finding a good deal at a local department store.  For us, it was cheaper than a gym membership and easier with having so many kids!  I jump on for a run either during nap time or after the kids are in bed for the night.  Having the equipment at home can make finding the time to exercise a lot easier and more realistic!

Some other at-home workout equipment options are workout balls, weights, resistance bands and elliptical machines.  A great place to begin if you don’t want to spend a ton of money up front is CraigsList or a discount store.  I found my workout ball (with a workout DVD!) and hand weights at my local Ross for super cheap.  Exercise equipment tends to go on sale and deep discount around New Year’s, when those weight loss resolutions starting forming!

Join a Local Gym Class

Sometimes getting out of the house for an hour three times a week is the only realistic solution for cramming in exercise time for you.  And that’s ok!  Ask your hubby or a family member to watch the kiddos for you, so you can take some time to focus on taking care of you.  There are always great incentives for first-time gym memberships, so don’t be afraid to get a good deal!  And an added benefit of a gym membership is the accountability, which leads me to my next tip in finding time to exercise.

Find an Exercise Partner

This will give you much-needed accountability, making exercise time become a real thing for you!  And honestly, working out with a partner is always much more fun and motivating than by yourself.  Connect with a neighbor and walk the block a few times each morning.  Drive to a friend’s house to catch up while working out to the latest Jillian Michael’s DVD.  Whatever you choose to do, make sure to push each other and have fun at the same time!

These things have helped me to squeeze in time focusing on me and my body (and sanity!) while still also being a very busy mom.  Hopefully they will help you as well.  Now, maybe someone can give us some tips on how to get motivated to workout??!  ;)

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14 Responses to Just For Mom: Finding Time To Exercise

  1. Becky Knighten says:

    I’m so glad you posted this. I didn’t realize that Netflix has watch now workout videos. I WILL start working out tomorrow. Any recommendations?

  2. Really great suggestions! Going to the gym is difficult for us, so I’m definitely glad that we invested in some equipment for home!

  3. I have 2 walking partners to get me out the door Monday through Friday, though one partner tends to walk more slowly than me. My plan is to use my T-Tapp DVD on the days I walk with my slower partner.

    I should start looking for exercise dvds for the winter when the weather is too bad for going outside. I’ve heard that Jillian Michael’s dvds are good, though I haven’t watched one yet.

  4. Courtney says:

    My hubby has been super helpful to me this summer with working out. He’ll put my preggo workout dvd (denise austin’s fit and firm pregnancy, which i highly recommend) on when he gets up in the morning, then comes in and gives me a kiss (to wake me) and then when I hear the dvd music, it helps me get out of bed and workout before the kids get up. Also, a good workout dvd (set) is Kate Potter’s Namaste Yoga. I’ve used her yoga sessions after all my pregnancies and it greatly helped both to get me back in shape and helped calm my mind.

  5. Great article!

    I wanted to add that many health insurances now offer a reimbursement program for gym memberships. They send you a log that you get the gym to sign and after a year of working out you get your refund!

  6. 'Becca says:

    We hung a pull-up bar across our narrow hallway, above head height. Seeing it when we walk down the hall reminds us to use it!

    The exercise ball has done wonders for my abs and is easy to use in short spells. I also sit on it while working on the computer; in addition to being good ab and thigh exercise, it prevents backache.

  7. Michelle W. says:

    I like this post. I was exercising at night…when everyone else was in bed…to Billy Blank’s Tae Bo, this works for me. However, I fell off the horse but I am slowly getting back on.

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