Just For Mom: Pamper Those Tired Feet!

These are my feet before I had kids! ;)

If your feet are anything like mine, then you need some serious tips on how to beautify them again!  Since I’ve become a mom of three little ones, any pampering for myself has gone out the window.  And let’s just say, it’s very noticeable in the foot area!

Here are some tips to get those feet back into tip-top shape…

Give Them a Good Soak

Fill your bath tub with warm water and a handful of Epsom salt.  While it fills, remove any old nail polish still left on your toes with a cotton ball and nail polish remover.  Then grab a book or magazine and soak those feet for a good 10 minutes.  Enjoy the quiet time!

Exfoliate Away Dead Skin

This is where my feet suffer the most.  I’m not sure if I have man’s feet, but mine tend to get calloused and rough very easily!  Seriously.  Hubby has softer feet than I do.  It’s a bit sad.  So, grab a pumice stone or an exfoliate foot scrub and work away at those heels!  (Check out these recipes for a homemade foot scrub!)  Rinse feet with warm water after 5 minutes of scrubbing and pat feet dry with a towel.

Trim Toenails & Apply Lotion

You know it’s time for a toenail trim when you’ve been avoiding wearing sandals out!  Grab some clippers and tackle those nails.  Make sure to clip straight across to avoid ingrown toenails.  Then lather up your tootsies with a good lotion and put on some cotton socks.  Enjoy the feeling of clean and pampered feet!


To keep your feet from becoming next year’s scariest movie, make sure to lather them with lotion every time after getting out of the shower and cover with cotton socks.  Your feet are prime and ready for soaking up all that lotion right after a steamy shower.  So take the extra minute or two to make sure your feet stay looking fresh and cute!

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4 Responses to Just For Mom: Pamper Those Tired Feet!

  1. My feet are horribly rough and dry. My husband makes fun of them, and I am too embarrassed to let someone work on them. They’re that bad! I am definitely going to do the soak and scrub. Thanks for the instructions and scrub recipe link. Maybe we’ll have a mother-daughter foot soak today. Blessings!

  2. The foot soak is a must and feels so good. My 7 year old begs to do them so it’s our mommy daughter time on the weekends. I also like to add cuticle oil before I put my cotton socks on.

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