Mom Quick Tip: Juice Containers

Our family drinks pretty much just milk, water, and our version of “flavored water”.  The girls really won’t drink straight water but boy, do they sure love juice!  However, I have many issues with juice.  It’s pricey, even with a sale and coupons.  We go through it like crazy.  And most brands are filled with lots of sugar.  So, the girls usually get 3/4 water and 1/4 juice combined, sometimes less juice even.

Well, at Target last week, I stocked up on some pretty cheap frozen juice concentrate.  Even though I do not mind making the juice myself, I always have issues with juice pitchers and containers.  I have tried many kinds, from the cheap $1 ones to the expensive Rubbermaid ones, but I always encounter issues of leaking.  Grrr.. makes this momma mad!

One day, as our bottled juice had just run out, a lightbulb went off in my head!  Reuse the juice bottle for the juice concentrate!  Using a funnel, I filled the recycled juice bottle with the juice concentrate and water and gave it a good shaking.  Easy peesy.  No spills.  No leaks.  I am one happy mamma!

And make sure to save those juice concentrate containers and old $1 juice pitchers that leak.  They make a great tool for learning with your toddler!

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