Mom Quick Tip: Kids’ Kitchen Drawer

One of the best tips I have learned in the kitchen is to have a drawer or basket for your children’s kitchen tableware and silverware.  This helps a great deal when putting away dishes as well as setting the table.  When I am unloading the dishwasher, my little ones are always right there wanting to help.  So I hand them one of their plates and tell them to put it in their drawer.  And they do it!  Yes, it may slow me down a little but it causes less frustration for me and for them.  And they are learning responsibility!  When I have dinner almost done cooking, I ask for one the girls to get me two plates and two forks.  This is good for the oldest one to learn some basic math skills.  Think your children may be too young?  My girls are about 16 months and 28 months.  And they know not to open the drawer when Mommy isn’t around.

I also keep bibs and washcloths for cleaning up in this drawer as well.  My silverware tray hardly ever looks this organized since the girls really do put away them away and take them out to set the table.  So of course I can’t expect it to stay separated by type!  ;)

If you don’t have a drawer available in your kitchen, try using a basket or bin in one of your lower cupboards that the children can have access to.  My drawer is actually not a kitchen drawer but a small dresser that is against one of the walls in our kitchen area.  And it was given to me for free from my mother.  Gotta love cheap and easy!

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2 Responses to Mom Quick Tip: Kids’ Kitchen Drawer

  1. Leanne says:

    I have one of these drawers too. It really does work. Thanks for linking to We’re Organized Wednesday.

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