Our Garage Sale Trips!

Garage Sale Show & Tell {July 7th}

The weekend after Fourth of July was actually pretty packed with garage sales here in Florida!  One of the first sales we went to was an advertised teacher’s sale.  I always search for “teacher” and “educational” during the summer, since retired teachers usually have their cleaning out sales during this time!

I paid $15 for all the fun, educational goodies in the four pictures below.  A steal I tell ya! :)

From the top left – set of geometric shapes and sorting cards, big bag full of small foam shapes, small bag of brightly shaped buttons (I’ve been looking for these!  So glad I didn’t buy them brand new!), bag of magnetic letter tiles, and bag of wooden geometric blocks.

The dark blue thing at the top of the picture is a huge calendar pocket chart that came with the month cards below it.  She priced it at $2.  Seriously?!  She was almost giving away her stuff!  The bin on the left is full of picture stamps and a nice set of letter stamps.  Along the bottom from the left – textured alphabet cards (I bought sandpaper to make these but haven’t gotten around to doing it.  Good thing!), two watercolor sets, magnetic puzzle letters, and a wooden fraction tile set (to match my overhead fraction tile set from last week!).

This teacher had boxes and boxes and boxes of books but I couldn’t go through them all.  It was so incredibly hot!  I grabbed a few from Patricia Polacco to go with our collection along with some other fun finds.

Hubby grabbed all the  Magic School Bus books because he knows how much I love them.  However, he saw how much a lot goes on ebay, so we may have a showdown on who gets to keep them.  lol!  I also picked up a brand new pirate coloring book.

Hubby picked up the Polar Express book gift set with cassette and bell for $1, two coupon booklets for $5 together, and three little Zoobles with habitats for $1.  The girls love their Zoobles!  I grabbed the box of sheet protectors, stack of tabbed dividers, Captivating book and new dry erase eraser for $3.

Hubby found the two brand new Shel Silverstein books for $1 each and I grabbed the two other books for $0.25 each.  I was excited to find two pairs of maternity jeans for $0.50 each!  And the tube of small plastic apes was $1.  Do you know that these tubes of animals are $15 brand new in the store?!  I love garage sales! :)

We didn’t make it out garage sailing today because we hosted our own yard sale!  Our garage was literally about to explode with stuff, as well as our closets in the house.  So we decided to have a sale and had a couple family members bring over stuff to sell too.  Here’s a picture of part of our sale.

We all made close to $450 combined, with over $350 being what just me and Hubby sold!  This will help to pay for a huge chunk of our upcoming mini vacation in early Fall.  So exciting!  

How have your thrifting adventures been?  Share with us!


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Garage Sale Show and Tell {June 23}

The summer has been quiet around here for yard sales so far.  Florida gets so hot and muggy, that it makes for a lull in yard sales June through the end of August.  Quite the opposite for all you Northerners, huh? ;)

Hubby found this monitor for our computer for $20 today.  It’s a Dell LCD 19″ flat screen monitor.  (Hubby told me to say all that because I guess it’s a really nice screen!)  Well this made me very happy because our old monitor was missing the cord that hooked up to the modem and I have been bugging him to buy one.  Brylee has already spent the day playing all her preschool games I’ve been collecting from garage sales!

After school lets out, I always scour the garage sale ads for teaching supplies.  I was excited to find one this morning with some great prices! I got everything in the two pictures below for $14!

Above, there are four sets of overhead projector math manipulatives – fraction tile bars, fraction circle pieces, tangram set, and a spinner set.  So excited about these!!  The VHS pack is an educational preschool set focusing on nursery rhymes, letter and number recognition as well as phonics.  The bowel and plate are vintage Carebear and hubby wanted to pick it up for Cambria, our Carebear lover.  And I am now the proud owner of a Judy clock! :)

The books are a collection of never used primary phonics workbooks, activities to use with the newspaper, and an entire book of early reader minibooks that can be copied.  Not pictured that was included in the $14 was a huge lot of bubble mailers for Hubby’s ebay selling.

The DK Bible Story Book and Christian composition journal were $1 together.  Little Einsteins DVD was $2 from the flea market earlier in the week.  And then Hubby picked up the last three items for me – more candle tarts for $1, Max Lucado hardcover for less than $1, and new ABC marine coloring book for $0.25.

Everything in the three pictures below was from a sale last weekend, where we got everything for $10!

Pink bumbo, cute Fisher Price animal train and an adorable boys outfit in 6 or 9 months.  Saving the outfit in case I have a boy.  Fingers crossed! :)

Another cute boy outfit, brand new with tag in 6-9 months, baby popper toy and two lined baskets for Easter next year.

And this cute baby bath was included in the $10!  I don’t think I can fit 4 little ones in our tub, so I thought this one might come in handy until baby #4 can hold his or her own in the tub with the girls!

And last, but not least, a collection from last weekend.  All three books were $2.  Brylee really loves the I Spy books and I love sitting down and doing them with her!  The 12 month dress, 18 month long sleeve shirt, size 3 sandals are all for Hayleigh.  They came from the same sale along with the unopened Baby Genius DVD.  Hubby got all this basically free because he wanted a couple of new-in-the-box toys, which were priced at $25 together.  However, Hubby talked her down to $14 for the two toys together and then she threw in my stuff with it.  Which I was glad because the clothes were $1 each and the shoes $2.  Definitely a bit higher than I like to pay but these items were on my list for Hayleigh.  Love my haggling Hubby! :)

Find anything fun this week?  Share with us!


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Garage Sale {Recap!}

Even though it’s been quiet on here, we have still been busy hitting up the garage sales every Saturday.  Truthfully, though, if I even do go, I haven’t been able to last long.  My morning sickness is definitely worse in the car, so hubby usually has to take me home early.  But he has scored some great finds without me!

My favorite find this past month by far!!  This lovely rocking chair came complete with the cushions and no scratches, all for $2!!!  Not even kidding!!  We really needed a new rocker!

The same family that basically gave away their rocker was also selling this wooden puppet theater.  I’ve really been wanting one for the girls, and hubby couldn’t pass up the price, $2!  I am still trying to figure out where to put it, though.

These three Little People toys came complete with little people and furniture, all for $3!  Again, from the same family that sold us the rocking chair and puppet theater.  I think they were anxious to get rid of everything!

These are some random things we picked up while out.  The Summer Bridge Activity book was brand new for $1.50.  It’s grade 4, so I’ll be holding onto it for awhile.  At the same sale, I picked up the paint book for $0.50, the photo album for $0.25, addition push board for $0.25, wipe off phonics cards for $0.25, memory game for $0.50 and Jesus Loves Me bag for $0.25.  The fraction tiles were a huge score at $1 for the set!  Hubby grabbed the two Veggie Tales plushes for $0.50 together and the 3 piece serving bowl set for $1.  And oh the bag of Chuck-e-Cheese tokens and tickets were a random find by Hubby for $0.50.

I was excited to find some fun Christmas items to use with the girls this year.  I paid $5 total for the two silicone cake molds, 3 unopened treat bags, 2 unopened Christmas crafts, and all the Baby Einstein DVDs.  Hubby picked the rest up for me while I was at home resting – the two new fall cookie cutters for $1.50, a bag full of scented candles for $1, unopened tupperware set for $0.50, unopened sewing pattern cards $2, and an unopened bath playdough toy for $2 to go in the gift closet!

Here are some more random items. The clear container was $0.25 and the flower bulletin board $0.50, perfect for the girls’ room.  The tub full of beads and 2 unopened bags were $1.  The four pillowcases were $1 – two to make pillowcase dresses and two king size for our bed.  The cute shoes are for Brylee in a year or so and were $1.  The red toy airplane was only $0.25 and will go in my “boy” bin, if I ever have a boy!  Fingers crossed! ;)   The tights and little people car were $1 together.

Hubby came home with this basket and bag full of play kitchen food and items for only $2!  After the girls helped me wipe it all down, they had a blast playing with it!

And hubby grabbed this brand new Matthew West CD for $0.50!!!  I have been wanting this and he knew it.  I was so excited!  It is such a great CD!!

Any fun finds recently???


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Garage Sale Show & Tell {April 28th}

Yesterday all five of us were up bright and early, shopping the garage sales!  Here’s what we made out with…

I like to stock up on crafty items for the girls whenever I find them.  To buy this kind of stuff brand new is crazy pricey!  All the bags of stamps and benderoos were $1.  The foam letters and letter beads with bracelets were $0.50 each.  Hubby grabbed the Minnie hat for me to wear at Hayleigh’s birthday party this week for $1.  It looks brand new!

The frame is a piece of Christmas wall art I got for $0.50.  The basket on the far right looks brand new and was $1.  The baby toy in the basket was FREE!  And looks never used!  The puzzles and big dinosaur stencils were purchased together for $1.

Everything pictured above is from a church rummage sale, where we paid I believe $9 for everything. (Bryan also picked up a lot of things to resell that aren’t pictured included in the total.) The top has some crafty things – googly eyes, green sequins, scissors with interchangeable blades, stamps and wooden hearts to be painted.  In the bag are some foam bath toys, which was perfect timing because I just threw out our foam bath toys!  I always pick up bath toys when I see them!  The two HP inks were BRAND NEW, UNOPENED and are EXACTLY what our printer uses and the very next colors we needed!!  That would have cost us $60 to buy those at Staples.  Crazy!! I LOVE church rummage sales!!

On the right are a bunch of figurines and horses for pretend play with the girls.  I don’t see Veggie Tales items often, so we were excited to find this stuffed Larry plush.  And the purple wooden shelf will go perfect in the girls’ room!

We hit a really good house in a community sale that sold us all the clothes and puzzles above, along with a few items Bryan picked up (not pictured), for only $5!!!  The top picture has a white skirt and brown blouse in 3T, Gymboree rain jacket in 4T-5T, and the rest of the clothing and pajamas in size 5.

The second picture has all size 6 clothing, including a brand new OshKosh shirt with tag!  :)

We stopped at a park along the way that had some booths set up of people selling their stuff.  The sign language poster, unopened Eric Carle flashcards (going in gift closet), Georgia aquarium puzzle, and two unopened vinyl decals were $4.  I am going to let the girls put the decals on the insides of their bunk beds.  The two small pillow pets were $1 each, from another sale.

The top three items are random items Hubby picked up for me.  I love the wooden clock to be painted and the rain ball, which I think he paid $1 together.  I am going to resell the game because even though it’s wooden and looks cool, it’s ghosts and a cemetery. The Elmo DVD was $0.25, the cheapest I’ve ever seen a popular kid’s DVD!

All of the homeschool books were purchased at the church rummage sale for $0.50 each.  I saw them as we were leaving and just had to grab them!  I am loving the three Activity Packet books and know they will get lots of preschool use! (Below is a description of what they are.)  The Alphabet Starters teacher guide will be a nice addition to our preschool activities.  Explode the Code and Self-Check multiplication boards will be put away for future homeschool use!

Below Hubby grabbed the art lap desk for $2 (which I have been looking for another one!) and the Richard Scarry big book for $1. I love Richard Scarry and I love big books! :)

Below is the mass chaos that erupted in my house when Hubby got home from work late Saturday night.  I guess he stopped off at a garage sale on his way to work at 2pm and scored five huge boxes of clothes and toys for $5 together!  Isn’t that just crazy talk??!  We went through it all together and separated everything into piles – donate, resell at consignment, for the girls, for me and Bryan, for family. I am excited to be passing along our great finds to family!  Phenomenal score, Hubby!

This is my very favorite find of the week below.  Perhaps of the year!  It’s a library book display that turns!  I spent many summers growing up at the library down the road, twirling very similar book displays, stocking up on my Sweet Valley High books to read.  It was a very nostalgic find for me and I am so happy Hubby let me purchase it for $5!  Even though he thinks it’s ugly, I know it will make a great addition to our playroom!  (Which it’s standing in front of but Hayleigh was asleep in there!)  My easy readers fit perfectly in the slots and one day will be replaced with chapter books!

This coming Saturday is a huge community garage sale in a very nice neighborhood.  We go twice a year and make a huge event of it!  This time will be a bit different, as hubby and I are splitting up and competing to see who gets the best buys!  We are such nerds, I know! :)

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Garage Sale & Consignment Sale Haul

It’s the start of big time community and consignment sales here in the sunny state of Florida!  Last week, hubby and I were able to get out early and find some great things.  Hubby usually does the haggling and purchasing, so I am not 100 percent sure on all the prices.  Some of what we bought is to keep and some to resell at consignment sales and on ebay.  Here’s our haul.

2 bags full of children’s clothes ($4) *fill a bag for $2!!
I Spy Bottle ($1)
Busy Ball Popper ($1.75)
Disney Princess rocking horse ($3)
2 jump ropes, 3 bags of Disney figures, Euchre card game, 2 plushes ($4) *may seem a bit high but the Muppet figures & Halloween owl plush resell well on ebay
4 preschool educational puzzles (less than $1 each)

(2) 4T shorts, (2) 4T dresses, 3T dress ($8)
Little People swing toy & Elmo musical toy (less than $1 total)
Little Einsteins laptop ($1)
Little People car with person (less than $0.50 total)
*we pick up Little People stuff when it’s cheap to add to the big Little People items to resell at consignment sales
books from various sales (about $0.25 each)
Build-a-Bear igloo tent, stickers, & 8 Veggie Tales placemats ($2)
2 Thirty-One zippered large pouches ($4) *these were my “splurge”! ;)

And of course, books!  Which we got for about $0.10 a piece!  The puzzles were less than $1 each and hubby is hoping to resell a lot of them on ebay.

I mentioned that I was prepping to sell at a local consignment sale.  Since I was a consignor, I was able to shop early!  Here’s what I found.

4T dress ($3)
2pk Circo shorts 4T ($3)
4 large BumGenius cloth diapers with extra inserts ($20)
7pk medium covers & FuzziBunz pocket diapers ($5) *elastic is almost shot in most of these, but Cami & Hayleigh have such chunky thighs it doesn’t really make a difference. :)
Puzzle rack ($4) *We needed another one but I didn’t want to buy it off Amazon.  I saw this when we were dropping off our items.  So glad it was still there after the first volunteer presale!
2 Elmo DVDs & 1 Curious George DVD ($3 each)
Peg Stacker ($2) *I’ve been wanting this for the girls!!
Power Magnets ($2) *another great find!
Little Einsteins conductor wand ($2) *hubby got to resell on ebay

Any fun finds for YOU this week??

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