Our Preschool Curriculum Plans {2012-2013}

I never thought I would be a homeschooling mom.  When I thought of having children, I never imagined specifics.  I knew I wanted to stay home and that’s about it.  I definitely never imagined trusting God with how many we were to have or that I would school all of them!

But the teacher in me is pretty excited about starting our homeschool journey this year!  I will admit I am a bit nervous.  But with all the incredible resources out there, along with all the encouraging blogs, I at least have a solid, do-able plan for the year!

For those of you here for the first time, let me do a quick introduction.  Currently, I have three girls under age four and expecting baby #4 in early January.  Brylee and Cambria turn 4 and 3 in early November and Hayleigh will be 18 months at that time too.

Brylee, Cambria, & Hayleigh

We have been doing “tot school” a little here and there, but Brylee is definitely ready for a more structured learning setting.  Therefore, we have decided to try out a preschool program I have pieced together this year.

Our primary two main resources for preschool this year are…

Raising Rock Stars Preschool (RRSP)… a FREE preschool program with great downloads and ideas.  Focuses on Bible memorization, letter recognition and sounds, vocabulary, handwriting, sight words, cutting and pasting.  A great letter of the week program!  Below I list more resources over at 1+1+1=1 we will be using.

Before Five in a Row (B4FIAR)… a literature-based program that introduces and dissects one picture book a week or two at a time.  We bought a used copy of the handbook offline and will check out whatever books we don’t have at home from the library each week.  I used this list to help match up the books to the letter of the week from RRSP.  The activities suggested in the handbook are simple yet packed with learning.  Below I list more resources we will use to go along with B4FIAR.

Other resources we will be using to supplement and add to our learning…

*these books were found at yard sales!


Check out our Preschool Ideas and What We are Using boards on Pinterest for more hands on learning activities we will be using this year!

We aren’t officially starting until after Labor Day in September.  I am hoping to have each week planned and materials printed, ready to go by then!  I’ll be sure to share with you once it’s finished!  Below is a sneak peek. ;)

The plan is to let Cambria and Hayleigh tag along and join in with whatever they feel like doing.  I hope to continue doing “tot school” with them but have it go along with what we are doing in preschool with Brylee.

Some may feel that Brylee is too young for such structured “school” but she shows immense signs of eagerness and readiness.  I feel like I need to capitalize on that and try something out.  Plus, if she were in a preschool full or even part-time, there would be parts of her day that were structured for specific learning time.

We still will have lots of learning through play, because after all, I do have lots of littles!  Our goal is to see how this year works out, see how Brylee takes to it, and how it works for our family.  We may decide to do a little less as the year goes on or tweak some things here and there.

My philosophy since becoming a parent has always been “One day a time”.  Since life is constantly changing, what I plan for today may not work for tomorrow.  And I have learned to be ok with that, be flexible and figure out what will work instead! :)

Check back with us next week to get a peek into our playroom, school area and how we organize all of our stuff that goes with it!

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5 Responses to Our Preschool Curriculum Plans {2012-2013}

  1. Jessica says:

    This looks great Carolyn! You do have a lot of littles!! :) We plan on officially starting after Labor Day as well….truthfully I’d like to start right now (these kids are driving me nuts! lol)….but baby will be here Monday so it isn’t the best idea. lol To think I wasn’t going to start until October….it would be insanity around here if I waited that long. I just got done arranging my lesson plans kind of like yours! I did it by week/child. I’m really excited about it cause I really think it will help me stay on track much better than I was last year…I especially need the organization with a new little one. Silas is doing a letter of the week theme too. Using the folders really helped me with the preparation of his things. I have all his tray ideas written out and everything so I won’t be scrambling around. Keeping it a little more simple this year than last year, but I think I will need it!

    • Carolyn says:

      Jessica, I am SO EXCITED to “meet” your newest little one!! Praying for you lots, friend!! As for the planning, I think it will really help keep me on track, especially when baby comes in January. I do have planned to take about a month or so off but not sure if we will take that long off. Now, I just have to get all the folders filled and ready by the end of the month! lol! I have so many resources from garage sales and I want to use them all, but I also want to be realistic and keep things fun. :) Sending you hugs!!!

  2. Toni says:

    I love that you let the younger ones join in..kids are ready for more than we think.When my son was young he had his own little folder with papers in it, so when the older kids did their work, he felt like he was too. He was there for when we read lessons or read outloud..he didn’t seem to be paying attention but he was.He would be running his car back and forth while drinking it all in. smilz We bought him a few school type workbooks at Target,, they were really cute and cheap.Had great things to help him with fine motor skills and such. He was so proud of his school books. smilz

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