Our School Week {The Letter L}

This week was our first “official” week of preschool!  I shared my preschool plans with you before we left for vacation.  Brylee is about 3.5 years old and has shown a great interest and enthusiasm for more of a structured learning time.  And I am happy to give it to her!  With the help of lots of wonderful mamas out there in blog land, of course!  At the end of this post is a list of resources I used this week.

Brylee worked on coloring, cutting, & pasting in her Letter L book, a copy made from a curriculum book I found at a garage sale.  Cambria is almost 2.5 years old and will be following along during our preschool times, working on our letter of the week with some activities adjusted to her level.  Above, Cami is pasting together a lion, a Dollar Tree craft.

cutting & pasting

more pasting (the paintbrush is quite useful when it comes to gluing!)

using the iPad as a visual in our L is for Lion craft

Cambria’s lion didn’t really look like a lion but that’s ok.  I loved it anyways. :)   Also you can see we are messy homeschoolers.  Just keeping it real!

writing the letter L with glitter glue pens & toothpicks

exploring the letter L with playdough – forming the letter, stamping the letter, etc.

scooping, pouring, categorizing, exploring with our letter L sensory bin

Brylee separating the uppercase & lowercase L’s in the bin

Both girls really loving the texture of the ABC pasta.. and the cookie sheets contain all of the mess!  Well… most of it! ;)

Cambria uses the handheld vacuum to clean up the pasta she spilled on the floor.

Coloring her letter L verse.   Below Brylee “reads” her letter L verse from RRSP!

You can also see the video here.

For some reason I didn’t get any more pictures of our activities and lessons from our RRSP curriculum.  I’ll have to make sure I get more next week!

The book we read this week for Before Five in a Row (B4FIAR) was The Big Green Pocketbook.  The girl in the book enjoys a lollipop while she travels on errands with her mother around town.  L is for Lollipop.

letter L tracing activity to go along with B4FIAR

coloring & pasting activity to go along with the book

Again not many more pictures from B4FIAR, but we did enjoy reading the book everyday! :)

Brylee really enjoys writing.  Here she grabbed her handwriting flash cards and practiced writing all on her own!  She is quite the self-motivated learner!!

She has starting asking me how to spell words.  Here we spelled and wrote “mom” together!!  :)

Cambria enjoyed playing pretend with our plethora of plastic animals we’ve collected from garage sales.  These animals were probably the most played with toy this week!

Hayleigh is 11 months now and enjoys playing and exploring with her sisters.  A little water on her highchair keeps her little hands busy!

Cambria is becoming a huge help around the house!  Here she helped collect the bags after our grocery trips to Aldi, Costco and Target.

Cambria found a new favorite job that she did everyday this week… feed the dogs!

And Brylee filled up their water bowl everyday too!!  I was thankful for the help! :)

Check out our Pinterest board for more letter L activities!


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