Playroom Organization Show & Tell

Yesterday I showed off our playroom and school areas.  Today I am going more in depth with our playroom.  One of my hobbies is pouring over home organization pictures.  So, if you are like me, then you will appreciate the details in this post! :)

When you walk in the playroom, this is the basic view of the room you get…

To left, we have this wall below.  Hayleigh, our 15 month old, sleeps in the pack and play in here.  She will sleep in here until she is ready to move into a big girl bed in the girls’ room.  (I pull out the bed when she sleeps so she can’t grab the curtains. :) )The ball storage piece is a grocery bag holder from IKEA.

Our “mommy only” closet is kind of picture heavy so it will have its very own post tomorrow!  Here’s a sneak peek… *update* Click here for a detailed tour of this closet!

We then move right to this area below.  The book carousel was picked up at a garage sale for $5.  Hubby thought it was ugly but I’m glad I went with my gut and grabbed it.  Our easy readers fit well in it and one day our chapter books will replace them!  The IKEA wall lights were also garage sale finds, as well as the hanging orange lantern. :)

Next to the book carousel is some of our toy storage.  The organizing bins and wooden holder were picked up for $9 at a garage sale. Figuring out how to organize our little people stuff took me awhile, but this system works great for us now!  The two rows of bins below are geared more towards Hayleigh but the older girls enjoy playing with them as well.

Moving to the right, we have two bookcases we picked up at IKEA.  These were pretty cheap but have held up well so far.  The book organization at the top was taken from Carissa over at 1+1+1=1.


 In the corner, we have our tv with more toy storage!  The painted picture at the top on the shelf was done by hubby when he was little.  I think it fits perfectly in our playroom! :)

On the far wall I have three sets of bookcases we got for free!  The monkey baskets were picked up at a yard sale and have picture tags I made on PowerPoint.

 Moving around the room to the last wall, the one to your right when you walk in, we have mostly our pretend play area.  A white wicker trunk houses dress up clothes and accessories with hats hanging above.  The far left of the picture has our bigger balls and stuffed animals in an IKEA hamper.  Dollar Tree shower hand washcloths are hung and used as puppets, an idea from Teach Preschool.   The play kitchen is adjustable with two heights, perfect for our growing little ones.  It was bought for Brylee’s first Christmas and has held up well over the years.  The interactive wall map was bought off Amazon during the Christmas sales.

And that’s our playroom!  Like I mentioned before, we will have four little girls age four and under soon.  So everything in this room gets lots of play and use!  Also, we garage sale so almost all of our toys and materials are bought at a fraction of retail cost.  I am constantly purging, tossing, donating, selling and reorganizing to make sure this space doesn’t get out of control and overwhelming!

I’ve tried to create a place for everything so clean up is easy.  And I try to keep the organization streamlined  so it’s easy on the eyes and clean looking.  It’s been a long work in progress since we use what we have or what we find used.  But I finally feel like it’s finished, for the most part.

The girls love it and this space definitely works for us! :)

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…and more coming soon!

Check out more organizing ideas on our Homeschool & Playroom board on Pinterest!

What do you think??  How do YOU store your little one’s toys?

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5 Responses to Playroom Organization Show & Tell

  1. Jacqui says:

    Wowsa! You are super organized! We are building a new house and we are going to have a designated school space…well a space where our school things are kept…a room off the main living area. Anyway you have lots of great ideas here. Thanks for linking up today. I enjoyed your post.

    • Carolyn says:

      Thanks, Jacqui! It does really help to have a place to store all the stuff. :) How awesome you are building a house!! Hubby and I have talked about whether we should build our next house or just move into one we can grow into. We have a lot of specific requirements for our next house so we will see. Can’t wait to see your space! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Heidi Wilson says:

    OH my goodness Carolyn!! Trying very hard not to “covet thy blog neighbours playroom” ;-) You are amazingly organized and the room looks awesome! I saw some ideas I might like to incorporate into our play area (as it will change very soon as Daniel is becoming more mobile) so thanks for sharing!!

  3. Ann says:

    You are so organized! I like how everything has a place. The way you grouped and decorated the containers to hold books is beautiful. Very inspiring!

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