Pool Noodle Uses – Part 1

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Pool Noodles.  Pretty cheap to come by these hot summer days.  Our Dollar Tree and Walmart are chock full of them.  Besides being cheap and fun for the pool, there are some pretty fun activities you can do with these noodles!

Make a Super Sprinkler, directions over at Family Fun.

Work on your kicking skills with a Backyard Goal Post, courtesy of Family Health and More.

Grab a friend and have a Marble Launch, thanks to Artist Babysitting’s Blog.

Get to know your neighbors with Pool Noodle Hockey over at Training Happy Hearts.

Family Fun shows us how to work on our aiming skills with Pool Noodle Poppers.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll share all the great things you can make with those flimsy and fun pool noodles!  ;)

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One Response to Pool Noodle Uses – Part 1

  1. tim Leefeldt says:

    Come see the new sports uses of the Noodle for the WaterRipper and ripperball.com Sports
    Noodle Rings
    Noodle Water Soccer Goals
    Noodle targets
    Noodle limbo
    Noodle Tennis
    Noodle bowling

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