{Pregnancy #4} It’s a BOY!!!

Ok, so I know I already announced that baby #4 was going to be a girl.  That was at 17.5 weeks at an ultrasound boutique place.  One of those home-theater-type places where your entire extended family can fit nicely into and see the baby.  We had to go twice because the umbilical cord was giving the woman a tough time determining baby’s gender.  However, the second time she was positive it was a girl.

Today I went for my 20 week ultrasound check up at my doctor’s office.  When I mentioned it being a girl, she gave me a funny look.  When I asked her if she thought it was a boy, she said yes!  And then flipped the screen to show us some major and very obvious boy parts!!!

Oh my goodness, I thought it was all a dream or big prank!  While we were very excited and not at all disappointed with a fourth girl, the fact that baby #4 is a boy is an unexpected blessing.  Truly a gift.  

I’d be happy with all girls.  Really I would.  Yes, in my heart, I would love a boy.  But we all have something we dream of, right?  It doesn’t mean you aren’t extremely happy and thankful for what you have.

So, to be given this dream… Well, I am very moved by the grace of God. 

I have to be honest, the past few weeks for me as a mom have been hard.  Really hard.  And while hubby and I have made the decision to trust God with how many children we have, the past few weeks I have had my doubts.  Many doubts at being able to handle more.

Hubby says I am super emotional today, so he laughed when I texted him this following message while he was at work…

I am so overwhelmed right now by the grace of God in giving us this boy.  To be given a gift that I did want but was truly ok in not having is… I don’t know.  I feel so unworthy.  I wonder if it has to do with me not wanting to have more lately.  And God is saying I love you.  I want you to keep doing this.  I am with you so you are strong enough.

Sounds very emotional as a rewrite it here.  lol.  And probably is.  But in my heart, I feel touched, loved and renewed by God.  To be given the gift to have a son.  And my daughters to have a brother.  It is truly incredible.  And I am so very thankful.

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2 Responses to {Pregnancy #4} It’s a BOY!!!

  1. Congratulations… sooooo excited for you! I saw your post a few days ago that said you were having another girl (which I know would have been such a blessing!), but definitely understand wanting at least one of each. So happy for you (hang in there… I can’t even begin to imagine how exhausted you must be these days!) :)

  2. Heidi Wilson says:

    Hi Carolyn!
    I am so happy for you with this new news about the baby! Boys are SUCH fun!! I will be praying for strength and energy for you as you head into the final half of your pregnancy. You are super organized and super ready for homeschooling so just relax and enjoy the process as it unfolds! I’m not in to term 3 of our first official year and I’ve done term 1 at pretty much the same stage of pregnancy that you are at now, term 2 with a newborn, and have just begun term 3 with a house full of illness so if you need any advice or encouragement I’m just an email away! :-) Can’t wait to learn his name if/when you are sharing!! Congratulations again!!

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