Pregnant with a Nephrostomy Tube & Kidney Stones {Part Three}

We’ve had a busy past few days with appointments, so I apologize for the delay in getting the rest of the story out!  Click here to start at the beginning!

 I’ve labored through and birthed three babies.  And while I did end up getting an epidural with each one, I have had quite a lot of pain experience with labor contractions and pushing a baby out.  The pain I was experiencing this time was 10,000 times worse than anything I had ever experienced.

Excruciating, non-stop pain.  And on top of it, I was vomiting every 5-10 minutes.  Soon I didn’t have anything left in my stomach, so I would switch between dry heaving and stomach acid coming up.

Couldn’t these nurses see how much pain I was in??!!  What in the world was taking so long to get some pain medication?!!

The nurse finally explained that they were unable to give me anything until my urine sample came back.  She thought it was most likely an infection or kidney stones.  Once the sample came back and she talked with the on call OB, then she could go ahead and give me some pain meds.

So, there I sat, rolling back and forth on the bed, trying to somehow manage the pain and vomiting.  Bryan was pretty scared out of his mind and sat in the corner wide eyed, unsure of what to do.  He shuts down when he gets scared and nervous.  So while I would have loved to have him right by me, I understood.  And it’s not like he could have done anything anyways.  I did send him off to ask about the pain medication probably every 10 minutes.

After about an hour of being in the hospital, the nurse had finally gotten the go ahead to give me something for the pain.  However, they first had to put an IV in me.  Why this wasn’t done first thing is beyond me.  I was extremely dehydrated by this point and both nurses were unable to get the IV in.

Anesthesiology was called in to hopefully be able to find a vein and get the IV started.  In walked an old man and my first thought was oh my goodness, this is going to take another thirty minutes!  However, this guy was quick and good and funny.  For the first time since being in the hospital, I felt comforted and at ease.

As soon as the IV was in, the nurse pumped in the drugs and a wave of dizziness swept over me.  But the pain was instantly numbed and I felt such relief.  Praise the Lord, the pain had finally ended.  Or so I thought.

Right after the pain medication was given, I was helped into a wheelchair and taken down to get an ultrasound of the baby and my kidneys.  It was so great to be able to see Jordan again, even though I felt extremely doped up from the drugs.  And I couldn’t stop talking!  I am not even sure what I was saying, but I know I kept rambling on slowly and with a slur.

As I was switching back and forth so the technician could get a good view of everything, I could feel the pain start to come back on my left side.  It quickly became bad again, although not as excruciating as before the drugs.  However, I found myself taking deep breaths and exhaling slowly, trying to manage the pain.

When we got back to the labor room, the nurse could see that I was in pain again.  She told me that I would have to wait another hour before I could get any more medication.  I asked if we would be able to up the dosage, but she said probably not because of the baby.

Thus began my “laboring” through the pain.

Once I got my medication, I was good for an hour.  I tried to rest and sleep during that time.  But soon I would be awakened by the pain and have to get up and get into the shower.  I found that the hot water right on my left side helped to alleviate some of the pain I was feeling.  So, I sat in the shower for the next hour until I could receive more pain medication, slowly deep breathing and exhaling, feeling like I was about to birth a baby.

I did this routine for the next 7 hours until the morning.

Check back soon for Part Four! :)

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  1. Ashley says:

    You poor thing! This sounds so miserable!

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