Pregnant with a Nephrostomy Tube & Kidney Stones {Part Two}

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As we were driving to the hospital, I wondered if we were making a bad decision going to the closest one. We had never really been to this hospital and I was worried if something was really wrong with the baby, if this hospital would be able to deal with it.  Such a scary thought.

But like I said, my pain was so incredible and nonstop that I also knew neither Jordan or I could afford to make the 30 minute drive to the hospital we normally use.

When we pulled up to the emergency doors of the hospital, Bryan threw the car in park and came around to help me out of the car.  As we walked through the sliding doors, I fell to the floor crying in pain unable to walk.  It really must have looked like something crazy out of a movie.

Bryan called out for someone to help and a wheelchair was quickly rolled to where I was.  I got in and someone ran me to an elevator.  We headed up to the labor and delivery floor, where the nurses looked at me like I was crazy.  I told them through the pain that this was my fourth baby and this no way felt like early labor or contractions.  Because I knew they were thinking I was being overdramatic.  I told them I was 30 weeks and something was very wrong.

I was so confused why everyone was just staring at me and not rushing to see what was wrong or if my baby was ok.  This deepened my worry that we had made a bad decision in coming to this hospital.

The nurses wheeled me into a labor room and changed me out of my clothes into a gown.  They told me they were going to see if the baby was ok.  This made me a little relieved.  As I laid on the bed in pain, I waited to hear if Jordan was still alive.  Huge waves of relief and thankfulness swept over me as I heard his heart beat steady and strong.

Then the nurse decided to check me to see if I was dialating and in early labor.  After some discomfort, she decided that I definitely was not in early labor.  While this was very good news, I was still rolling and crying out in pain, having no clue what in the world was going on.

Now that I knew Jordan was ok and safe in my belly, I wanted pain medication.  Badly.  Right now.  I wasn’t sure how much longer I could handle the pain.

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