Recipes Using Sour Cream

I have about three tubs of sour cream sitting in my refrigerator that I really need to use up this week.  Since I am trying to get a bunch of meals and snacks made and frozen to use when baby #3 comes, this is my plan for all that sour cream:

Cheesy Beef and Rice – I have made this before and it was a huge hit with our family.  To freeze, I am going to prepare it in a disposable foil baking pan.  If you have a lot of casserole dishes that freeze well, you can use those all well.  Casserole dishes with lids are on my wish list for this year’s coming birthday and Christmas.  ;)

Chicken Veggie Quesadillas – I haven’t tried to freeze these yet, but I think you could prepare and cook ahead of time.  Then wrap in plastic wrap and place in freezer bags in the freezer.  When ready to eat, you should be able to warm them in the oven.  Microwaving may make them soggy, not crispy like the oven will. And they are a great way to fill your kids (and hubby!) up with veggies!

Mini Sour Cream Biscuits – These will be a perfect breakfast for those mornings I am dragging after middle of the night feedings.  :)   Served with fruit and eggs (if I have the energy to whip some up), these would make for a yummy breakfast!  And I love the fact they are mini, because regular sized muffins are messy with my little ones.  Mini muffins make for less mess for sure.

So that’s my cooking and baking plan for the week.  I should be able to prepare 2 pans of cheesy beef and rice, 10 chicken veggie quesadillas, and at least a few batches of mini sour cream biscuits.  That’s a lot of meals prepped and ready to go when baby #3 is here!!

What is your favorite recipe using sour cream?

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