Retail Finds 6/27/11

My favorite time of the year is approaching… back to school season!!!  My degree is in elementary education and before I had the girls, I taught 4th grade for a year.  If you are a regular reader of my blog, then you also know that I plan on homeschooling the girls.  To put it simply… I love school! And I most definitely love all the school stuff!

Target already has some of their back to school supplies in their Dollar Spot towards the front of the store.  I wanted to grab it all!  But I restrained myself to a few things I knew I wanted to use with the girls now.

The pocket charts will be used with our tot school printables and upcoming new calendar routine.  I have been wanting a pointer for awhile now, so I was excited to see the star one.  The flags came in a pack of 3 and will be used this week in our 4th of July activities.

And the best find was the sparkly pom–pom balls!!!  I just bought some red, white and blue ones at Michaels to make pom-pom magnets and boy, were they pricey!  These are a pack of 40 for just one dollar!  Hot glue some of these magnets onto them (which I used a 40% off coupon at Michaels to get them cheap) and you have got some great magnets for your kiddos to use.

These super cute clear flower bags were at Bath and Body Works for $2 each, normally $5.  I grabbed two for the girls.  I am thinking I will fill them with some fun activities and give them to the girls for their birthday this year.  They will be perfect for them to grab and use in the car or at a restaurant!

We had some Staples rewards to use up, $7 to be exact.  Normally I would have bought paper or ink but there weren’t really good deals on either.  So I found these mini gel pens for $2 a box to put in the girls stocking for Christmas.  The Post It flags were on clearance for $1.40 each.  I may keep them or include them in a gift basket for a Christmas gift.

You may think I am pretty crazy, shopping for Christmas gifts in June and all.  But the months pass by quickly… I can’t believe it’s almost July!  We have found that if we start buying now when we see things, we save a great deal of money compared to buying close to Christmas.  So, you will probably start seeing regular “Retail Finds” from me.  :)

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