Tips on Shopping Garage Sales – Part One

My husband and I looooove to garage sale!  And since we live in the sunny state of Florida, we can usually hit the sales year round!

There are tons of reasons why we choose to spend our Saturday mornings driving around town with a pocketful of cash, checking out people’s junk.  The main reason being that shopping garage sales is a huge money saver!  We have scored beautiful decor for our house, our children’s entire wardrobe, organizing essentials, and never-opened gifts for other people for just a fraction of retail prices.  And I mean a very small fraction!

I also think my husband lives off the haggling!  ;)

If you haven’t tried your hand at garage saling yet, here are some tips to get you started…

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One Response to Tips on Shopping Garage Sales – Part One

  1. Jessica says:

    UUummmmm slightly jealous that you get to go year round. lol Our season is pretty much over here. Nothing until mid-April. I’ll be doing a post soon on our Garage Sale Christmas. :)

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