Traveling With Toddlers {The Travel Binder}

While we spent most of our vacation dealing with three very sick kids, I did learn a great deal about traveling with toddlers.  I will spend the next couple weeks sharing all of my tips and tricks I learned along the way.  I’d love to hear all of your tips as well!

I may have over-planned, with our huge activity bag and now this massive travel binder, but it did keep the girls extremely occupied and entertained!

When I was researching activities for in the car, I kept seeing lots of printables.  Which made me think to put all of them in one binder for easy organization.  A place for everything!

The cover art for our binder came from Prepared NOT Scared!  I just placed a piece of scrapbook paper behind it to fill up the front of the binder more.  Looks fun and inviting, huh?? ;)

The left side pocket holds our travel car bucks which the girls received for good behavior and could be redeemed for souvenirs along the way.  In the pouch are power magnets to be used with most of the printables in the binder (along with a $1 store cookie sheet).  I Spy Bingo was another printable from Prepared NOT Scared!

These counting printables worked great with the power magnets and helped get in a little math review on our trip! :)  

The letter match palm trees on the left were so fun to do with Brylee!  I’d call out a letter and she would place a magnet over the letter on the tree.  She did such a great job!  The ocean graphing game is part of this ocean girly preschool pack.

I tried to keep some of our printables related to what we were doing on vacation.  This fish counting game and fish coloring matching game went perfect with our visit to the aquarium!

We started our trip off seeing Veggie Tales Live in concert, so these Veggie Tales printables made for fun matching and BINGO games!  I also created two matching games out of the girly ocean preschool pack and the princess preschool pack.

I searched through my sticker stash and then made printables to go along with the stickers I had selected.  The left printable was for separating the heart and star stickers.  The right printable was for separating the stars by size.  I also had one printable with letters all over it with letter stickers to go with it.  That was Brylee’s favorite!

And of course, our travel binder had lots of coloring sheets I downloaded from the internet!

Check out our Travel & Vacations board on Pinterest for more ideas!

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  1. What great ideas! I have tried many different things. The favorite is the cookie sheet and magnets. This would be great for flying, everything has it’s place! Thanks for sharing!

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