Using Muffin Tins to Spark Interest During Meal Time

Our girls are somewhat picky eaters.  I wouldn’t call them horrible eaters.  They do love olives and bananas.  A lot.  But they do tend to eat most of what I put in front of them.

However, we do have days where my girls will pick at their food and leave more on the plate than what they put in their tummies.  That’s where the muffin tin idea comes in handy!

I was able to purchase everything at the Dollar Tree to make our mufifn tin experience fun.  Muffin tin, silicone cupcake liners, and heart-shaped food picks.  Then I just cut up some protein, veggies, and fruit.  And voila, lunch in a muffin tin!

Brylee really enjoyed her muffin tin experience and ate every last bit of food.  I don’t think we will have every lunch in a muffin tin, but I think maybe once a week would definitely be fun!

Brylee had to take a picture of her muffin tin, just like Mommy! ;)

Also check out Muffin Tin Mom!  The name says it all!  Go here for all things to do with muffin tin meals!


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