How to Use Sales to Menu Plan – Part 3

An essential part of using weekly grocery sales to menu plan is finding recipes to go along with all that sale food you are stocking up on!  When you don’t have a plan for all that food, it tends to go to waste.  Every week this is what I sit down to do:

  1. Scan the weekly ads.
  2. Make a list of sale items to buy.
  3. Jot down recipes I know that use those sale items.  Or use the sites below.
  4. Add any additional ingredients I need to get.
  5. Check my pantry to make sure I’m not buying anything extra I don’t need.
  6. Compile my coupons and shop!

My Favorite Recipe-Finding Tools:

  • All Recipes – Here you can enter in the ingredients you would like to use, then the site gives a list of recipes to choose from.  Make sure to read the reviews, as they give great ways to tweak the recipes.
  • HeavenlyHomemakers – I stumbled upon this blog recently and am in love!  The site is filled with wholesome recipes made from scratch but done easily!
  • Better Homes & Garden – You can use their site or I highly recommend the cookbook to have on hand.  Since I do not have much of a cooking background, this book has been essential in teaching me the basics while providing great recipes that are easy to follow and taste delicious!

*Once I find a recipe that works for me and my family, I make sure to add it to my Family Favorite Recipes book ring, which is a great tool in finding recipes to match weekly sales.

I know menu planning can be just one more thing you have to do.  Believe me, I know.  But from my experience, it will save you time and money!

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