Using Sign Language With Infants

Hayleigh, our 11 month old, just started signing yesterday!!  I am a huge advocate of sign language, as it has greatly helped with communication.  However, I don’t really push it.

When Hayleigh turned 6 months, I began to slowly introduce a couple signs.  But with two older toddler sisters, I just didn’t have as much time to be as consistent as I had wanted.

Well, little did I know, but Hayleigh was picking up on the signing!  Yesterday, out of the blue, she was signing “drink”, “milk” and “eat/food”.

I did manage to capture a couple videos of Hayleigh signing in action.  Warning, they are a bit shaky and not great quality.  But hey, what can you expect with three kids, ages three and under?!  :)

Here are two videos of Hayleigh signing.  If you can’t see them, you can watch them here and here.


Here is the video I took of Brylee and Cambri signing last year.  I believe Cami was about 15 months and Brylee 28 months old.  They look so little!!!  Sigh.  Time flies…

To read more about how we teach our infants and toddlers sign language, check out these tips I shared last year!


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