What We’re Eating: 1/30 – 2/6

Since we are making the switch to a more whole foods diet, I thought I would start posting our menu plan for the week.  This will definitely help keep me acocuntable, as well as show you that eating whole foods is definitely possible and yummy!



  • veggie & quiona soup with oranges
  • turkey & strawberry salad
  • leftovers


  • homemade chex mix (chex cereal, almond slivers & craisins)
  • strawberries, oranges, apples & bananas
  • carrots & cucumbers


  • spaghetti & meatballs (trying out a new corn pasta!)
  • slow cooker chicken thighs, rice & veggies
  • turkey, mashed potatoes & carrots
  • turkey tacos & strawberries
  • penne pasta & chicken bake
  • pumpkin pancakes & eggs

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